Riley Sparks

  • A Substantial Reason to Stick Around

    Three ConU Administrators Get Combined 113K in Salary Increases to Stay at University

    Concordia’s maintenance workers say they’re calling up retirees to fill gaps in…

  • Dollars & Cents

    ConU’s Admin, Unions Receiving Markedly Different Increases

    Their salaries are vastly different in dollar value, but senior administrators and unionized employees at Concordia are receiving similar pay hikes each year…

  • Concordia Part-Time Faculty Contemplates Strike Mandate

    Determined to avoid a repeat of their last round of contract negotiations, which ended after seven years of deadlocked discussions, Concordia’s part-time faculty union will vote this Sunday on whether to adopt an unlimited strike mandate.

  • Paying the President

    ConU’s Presidential Salary Going Up

    On Oct. 11 the Journal de Quebec reported that Concordia University’s presidential salary is getting bumped up a notch.

  • Taken for a Ride

    In a nondescript building on Monkland Ave. sometime in July, David decided he’d had enough. The 18-year-old student’s strange journey began in his home in China when he decided to come to Montreal to study finance at Concordia.
  • Photo of the Week

    Some of the world’s most renowned cyclists convened in Montreal this weekend for the third edition Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal. One of the only two stops in North America for the International Cycling Union (UCI) World Tour, the event featured some of the biggest names in the sport, including Andy Schleck, Thomas Voeckler and Canadian Ryder Hesjedal, the most recent winner of the Giro D’Italia.

  • Follow the Money

    A look some of the more significant political donations from Concordia’s senior administration.

  • VP Lexus

    What We Could Buy Instead of a Fancy Foreign Car

    Continuing a long tradition of fiscal responsibility, Concordia spent almost $40,000 on a new car for VP Institutional Relations and Secretary-General Bram Freedman this year. And it’s a perk all VP’s can take advantage of.

  • Nighttime Riots

    Student Protest Ends with 122 Arrests

    After a long day of peaceful demonstrations against tuition hikes, yet another nighttime protest ended with smashed windows, tear gas and many arrests, with last night’s total reaching 122.

  • May Day Mayhem

    Anti-Capitalism Day Protest Rocks Downtown

    An anti-capitalist demonstration marking International Workers’ Day ended in an all too familiar way on May 1—with tear gas and over a hundred arrests.

  • “This Is All We Have to Give You.”

    A Look at Concordia’s Growing Labour Pains

    It’s been a rough few weeks for unionized workers in Canada.

  • Protest First Aid

    Playing Safe with the Riot Cops

    Getting hit with pepper spray or tear gas is a miserable experience. But it won’t kill you.

  • Concordia Bog

    A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

    Whether it’s Peter Kruyt shouting down student reps, Rita de Santis peacocking about the board room and calling students “losers” or Robert Barnes telling students to stop “pissing people off,” meetings of Concordia’s Board of Governors are rarely dull.

  • Too Quick To Crucify

    It took almost no time for Montreal’s anti-police activists to make cheap politics of the tragic Jan. 6 police shooting of Farshad Mohammadi.

  • Hey BoG, You Want to Talk About Contempt?

    I slept in and missed last Thursday’s Board of Governors meeting. But the meetings have become more formulaic than House, and I didn’t need to actually sit through another episode to know how this mess would play out.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Roaches Run Rampant

    Next time you’re on the platform in Guy-Concordia Metro, look closely at the floor next to the walls. You can’t un-see it. A teeming mass of horrible little legs and antennae. Hundreds of cockroaches, some of them the size of beagles.

  • Rationing Representation

    SGM Strike Vote Excludes Students

    Since the recent Board of Governors bloodbath, it’s pretty clear that the Concordia administration doesn’t represent us—but as it turns out, neither does our student union. Well, at least not all of us.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Accosted On Guy

    So I was walking from the Hall to the EV building the other day, going to class, just thinking about how broke and awesome I am, and in that not-even two blocks, I had to awkwardly fend off the weird, too-friendly advances of, I swear, like, 20 people.

  • Don’t Tell Your Mom

    This is probably very dangerous

    Think back to when you were 14, and to that little voice in your head that said, “Don’t worry, man. You can totally jump that.” Now imagine that voice grew up, saved some cash and went pro.
  • News Commentary: Mad as Hell

    And We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore

    Ah, springtime in Montreal. That wonderful time of year when the sun starts to shine, the terrasses fill with cheerful, buzzed students and the subtle smell of tear gas wafts through the streets. It’s protest season. This summer, we’ve got a whole lot to protest about