No Thanks, Says CSU

Concordia Students Vote Down Government Offer

Around 50 students gathered to discuss the Charest government’s latest tuition hike offer May 9. Photo Corey Pool
Board of Governors Chair Peter Kruyt attended a portion of the meeting. Photo Corey Pool

The Concordia Student Union voted unanimously at a special council meeting on May 8 to reject the Charest government’s recent tuition offer.

Around 50 students showed up to the meeting. While those not on council lack voting rights, the discussion portion of the meeting was open to all.

Well, almost all. CSU President Lex Gill asked that “all external media” leave the meeting, clarifying that only The Link, CUTV, CJLO and The Concordian were welcome.

“This is a way for us to poll student associations on their feelings, and have that reflect our position on the FEUQ explained VP External Chad Walcott.

The CSU holds a total of six votes at the federation, the highest number any group can hold. Gill clarified early on that any decision rendered by council would be the decision brought to the FEUQ table.

The meeting was momentarily thrown off the rails by a brief visit from Board of Governors chair Peter Kruyt.

“I’m here because I was interested” said Kruyt after several students in the audience heckled him. “But I can leave if you don’t want me here.”

The remainder of the meeting moved on relatively uneventfully. The vote was called and passed only two hours after the meeting’s start.

“Like many student councils in Quebec, the CSU, in communication with its members, has rejected the government’s offer,” said Gill following the meeting.

The FEUQ will hold vote its own vote this Friday.

Update: Council Chair Nick Cuillierer confirmed the exact wording of the motion passed during the special council meeting in an email sent to student media on May 9. The wording of the motion is as follows:

Whereas there are thousands of students on strike at Concordia, many since February.
Whereas, these students are on strike as a response to $1625 increase in tuition.
Whereas Concordia students voted with clear majorities both in a referendum and in general assemblies against the tuition fee increase.
Whereas the current offer does not fundamentally address the increase in tuition fees.
Whereas the current offer remains vague and relies on ill-defined terms, and we do not have confidence in the government to implement the recommendations of the Provisional Council._

Be It Resolved That the Concordia Student Union take a position against the government offer.
Be It Resolved That we will take a position against any offer that does not include discussion regarding the tuition fees.
Be It Resolved That any further offer should denounce police brutality and should include an independent inquiry regarding police tactics during protests
Be It Resolved That any further proposal ensure that the text is feminized.