• Number 14

    Despite a bumpy road, Windsor might be the latest out of the CFS

    Robert Woodrich and Jake DeJong aren’t getting much sleep lately.

  • To Concordia’s Governors: Drop the Increase

    Free Education Montreal Gathers 2,000 Name Petition for Board of Governors

    As Concordia’s Board of Governors sits down to meet on Sept. 30, a petition with more than 2,000 names protesting the unannounced increase to international tuition fees two summers ago will be presented to the 37 governors.

  • City Hall Cuts $35 Million From Police Budget

    Despite Cuts, Crime and Traffic Deaths Down Since 2009

    Even cops are affected by the economy.

  • Con U Unveils Montreal Signs Project

    The Concordia University Archives and Concordia’s Communications department came together on Sept. 25 to celebrate the program’s 45th anniversary as well as the unveiling of the Montreal Signs Project at Loyola Campus.

  • Hundreds ‘Die’ Near Phillip’s Square

    50,000 Montrealers Leave Their Car at Home for En Ville Sans Ma Voiture!

    Hundreds of protestors staged their death at the corner of Ste. Catherine Street West and McGill College Avenue on Sept 22.

  • Drinking to Forget

    Inside Diana Bar and the Hidden World of First Nations Alcohol Abuse

    All throughout the year, pockets of homeless people are found scattered along the streets of Montreal, particularly in the Atwater area.

  • Building Collapse Kills Worker

    ‘It Was a Question of Seconds:’ Building Owner

    A construction worker was killed in a partial building collapse on the corner of de la Visitation Street and Sherbrooke Street on Sept. 27.


    Community University Research Exchange Launches Publication

    Concordia students now have an outlet to combine course credits with community activism.

  • A Club for All Seasons

    Six New Clubs at Concordia

    Concordians have stepped up and formed a six-pack of new clubs for the 2010-2011 school year.

  • Delicious Library

    Downtown Restaurant Nourishes Mind and Body

    The ringing of acoustic strings and the laughs of lively children filled Burritoville’s three-floor complex on Sept. 25.