• Friends of Council

    Last Minute Council Meeting Cemented Committee Members

    A hastily formed Concordia Student Union council meeting resulted in the available committee positions getting filled largely by friends of the existing executive.

  • Steep Against the Machine

    überculture Holds Third Annual Tea-In For Public Space

    Armed with a thermos and bags of Earl Grey, überculture took a stand for student-friendly public space in Concordia’s Hall building on Sept. 16.

  • Student Attacked at Reggie’s

    I Don’t Hold Anything Against Reggie’s: Victim

    Damien Pinheiro walked into Reggie’s for a Thursday night beer with his Concordia classmates on Sept. 16.

  • The Hall Hole

    How Else Do You Get New Escalators into the Hall Building?

    Construction at Concordia shows no signs of slowing down as the university will start a two-year, $14 million plan next month to replace the 17 infamously defective escalators of the Hall building.

  • Concordia Rocks the Quad

    Orientation Concert a Hit at Last Minute Loyola Venue

    On Sept. 9, over 2,500 Concordia students took to the Loyola Quad for a night of live music, barbecued meats and cheap beer.

    Somali-Canadian hip-hop artist K’Naan capped off the evening’s festivities, which also featured Montreal funk duo Chromeo and Toronto remix group Key’n’Krates.

  • Infighting at FASA

    Questions Arise Over Constitution After VP Finance’s Termination

    A former Fine Arts Student Alliance executive is accusing the alliance’s presidents of violating its constitution.

  • Meet VPS-24

    Students Ask University to Better Define Space in New Policy

    When does a gathering of people become a temporary use of space?
    Some students are asking that question after Concordia introduced a new policy on the temporary use of space over the summer.

  • Comicon as You Are

    Near the heart of Montreal’s downtown, where the city’s watery edges creep up on the island, masked men and women rejoice in the shared passions that bring them all together.

    Here, the city’s nerdy underbelly spends one weekend a year living in the fantasy world they love so much. Through movies, television and whispers in the night, that world is rapidly expanding.

    The nerds are ready to take over.

  • Toothless Evictions

    Mohawk Council Stumped over Membership Issue

    Members of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake want to evict non-natives from their reserve; they just don’t know how.

    In February, the MCK handed out 35 eviction letters to residents of the small Mohawk community. The eviction notices were delivered to non-natives or Mohawks living with non-natives in Kahnawake—located across the St. Lawrence River from Montreal.

  • Rue Frontenac Hits Newstands this Fall

    Print Version of Website will Focus on Investigative Reporting

    Rue Frontenac, an online publication started by the locked-out staff of Le Journal de Montréal, is coming out with a print version this fall.