Hidden Agendas

Falling behind on your studies? Double-booking coffee dates? Don’t worry. There’s a massive pile of agendas sitting unused and untouched on the seventh floor of the Hall Building.

With Orientation over and school-supply shopping both things of the past, demand for agendas seems to have dwindled down to nothing, but the surplus of leftover agendas was an issue raised at Wednesday’s Concordia Student Union meeting as one that needs to be dealt with—ASAP.

Councillor Chad Walcott suggested that the CSU executive should be required to take inventory of the remaining agendas, in addition to sending a campus-wide email to students reminding them that they are still available and free for the taking.

“The inventory is important,” said Walcott. “[The executive] spent tens of thousands of dollars on [agendas]; they are really important to the budget and should have been monitored since Day One.”

Both VP External Simon-Pierre Lauzon and VP Sustainability Andrew Roberts raised concerns that taking inventory at this point would be too time-consuming and would not be feasible. Regardless of the executive’s concerns, several members of council remained vocal about the importance of following up on inventory.

“This is just common sense,” said Councillor Paul Jerajian. “Yes, we are giving them out, and they might be free for students, but [the executive] paid for them.”

CSU President Schubert Laforest resolved the discussion, confirming that his executive will ensure that inventory is taken, alongside pursuing active measures to promote the availability of the remaining agendas.