Vivien Leung

  • Renewing Heritage Buildings

    The Darling Foundry, the Notman House and the Culture of Preservation

    It’s easy to sneer at bars, restaurants and cafes with an “industrial edge.”

  • No Field, No Problem

    Urban Agriculture Movement Gaining Ground at ConU

    You don’t need a field to build a farm. The urban agriculture movement, once considered radical, has been steadily gaining momentum, perhaps for the simple fact that the principles at its core are…

  • Of Academia, DIY and Student Strikes

    Le Merle Mixes Zine Aesthetic, Scholarly Journal Content

    Being somewhat of a pessimist may be beneficial—or at least that’s how things happened to work out in Heather Davis’s case.


    Partnership Offers Financial Backing to Local Start-Ups

    Local start-ups can expect to receive a boost in both funding and recognition, courtesy of a newfound partnership between the OSMO Foundation and Videotron, announced on Jan. 17.

  • A One-Up for Start-Ups

    District3 to Foster Innovation at ConU

    District3, a new Concordia initiative slated to launch this January, aims to use the university’s multidisciplinary potential and leverage cross-faculty interaction in hopes of giving student start-ups a push to get off the ground.

  • Humanizing the Cityscape

    CCA Looks at Montreal From the People’s Perspective

    The 20th century gave rise to myth of the architect hero—someone who swoops in and cures social woes through their buildings.

  • Start It, Grow It, Pitch It, Fund It

    Montreal Start-Up Accelerator Program Sees Third Cohort Graduate

    A wide-ranging group of members from Montreal’s start-up community flocked to Monumental National for the third Founder Fuel Demo Day on Nov. 8.

  • Start-Ups Find a Home at Notman House

    In an Aging Building, New Technology—and Strategies—Thrive

    From the outside, Notman House appears to be nothing more than a dilapidated building just west of the gas station at the corner of Sherbrooke St. W. and St. Laurent Blvd.

  • Art Gets the Axe

    Canadian Conference of the Arts Shuts Down After Losing Funding

    Stock up on paintbrushes, artists—the way things are going in this country, art supplies might be hard to come by before long.

  • Re-learning to Learn

    E-180 Takes Education Beyond the Classroom

    A bunch of desks aligned facing a chalkboard under fluorescent lightening isn’t the only environment capable of facilitating learning.

  • Contemporary Milestones

    DHC/ART Foundation Celebrates Fifth Anniversary in Flux

    While Old Montreal is, to many seasoned Montrealers, a cobblestone-covered tourist trap full of dusty souvenir stores and tacky street performers, it also houses DHC/ART.

  • Burritos, Bicycles and Broken Barriers

    Burrito Project Montreal Feeds Homeless and Hungry

    The Burrito Project is attempting to break down the barriers between those living on and off the streets—one burrito at a time.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Pumpkin Spice Clatter

    Starbucks’ seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte cannot possibly live up to its market hype, and I want you to stop talking about it right now.

  • Brooklyn Bridge

    Brooklyn, Montreal Artists Team Up in New Exhibit

    If you think Brooklyn is the contemporary art mecca, you might be surprised by how Brooklynites see lil’ ol’ Montreal.

  • Magnum Librus

    Discover Books of Art in ConU’s Fine Arts Reading Room

    When you go to Concordia, there’s no reason to complain about having nothing to do on a Friday night—or any other day of the week for that matter.

  • Clear-Cut Ambition

    Dan Handel’s CCA Exhibit Sees the Forest—and the Trees

    The use of text within architectural exhibitions, says architect Dan Handel, is a fine balance. “On the other side, you have the completely conceptual, more art-like exhibitions, where you have nothing.”

  • A Comedy Picnic for Your Face

    Sketch Group Picnicface Rolls Into Town With Roller Town

    When Halifax-based comedy troupe Picnicface fails, it only makes them want to fail harder.

  • “We Are Performers”

    Scarlett James Pimps Out the Montreal Burlesque Festival

    As fans of burlesque will know, the performance is more about the tease than the sleaze.