• Montreal Police Formed Partnership With Canadian Army

    The SPVM and the Canadian Forces Set Up Information Exchange after 2008 Riots Rocked Montreal North

    In the aftermath of the rioting that occurred in Montreal North in 2008, the Montreal Police consulted with the Canadian Forces to learn the army’s urban warfare tactics.

  • La Rentrée

    Study finds that 80 per cent of French students who work part-time fail

    It’s called la rentrée in France, where university students are attending classes in higher numbers than last year. Although French education is virtually free, a study published last month by a French student union found that financial pressures on students decrease their chances of success.

  • Students Fight Census Ban

    Concordia Student Circulates Petition to Reinstate Mandatory Long-form Census

    Montreal students are uniting in opposition to the federal government’s forthcoming ban of the mandatory long-form census.

  • Sex and Sensibility

    Women’s and Health Groups Call for Sex Ed in Classrooms

    On Sept. 1, a coalition of health and women’s groups called for the provincial government to implement a comprehensive sex education course in Quebec high schools after new findings suggested the rates of sexually transmitted infections have skyrocketed among youth since the Ministry of Education stopped offering classes in 2001.

  • ‘Peanuts’

    Concordia TAs Remain Among Lowest Paid in Canada

    The union of Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia ratified its first collective agreement with the university on Aug. 31, guaranteeing base salaries for Concordia TAs and RAs and solidifying the job descriptions of all three levels of TAs.

  • Open Season on International Students

    Complaints Against Predatory Landlords are Rising

    Faced with a strange city, a new language and unique laws, Concordia’s international students are falling victim to harassment and exploitation from landlords.

  • Cooling the Sidewalks

    Alumnus Tells Concordia to Shut its Doors

    Despite the MB building, home of the John Molson School of Business, being certified as having an environmentally friendly design, one passing Concordia alumnus spotted a crack in the structure’s environmental façade.

  • A Leap of Faith

    Ahmaddi Muslims Seek Asylum in Montreal

    Montreal’s only Ahmadiyya Mosque is sandwiched between a bakery and a butcher shop north of the Metropolitan highway.

  • Green Streets

    Concordia Student Union to Oversee Greening of Montreal’s Alleys

    The current state of downtown back lanes—often filled with garbage, broken shards of glass and other debris—is about to change for the residents and merchants of Hawarden Avenue and Souvenir Street. Things are about to get a whole lot greener.

  • The Revolving Door?

    Sitting Student Union President Given University Job in June

    During his last month in office, former Concordia Student Union President Amine Dabchy took a part-time job with the university’s department of alumni relations.