“Delay My Deportation”

Family Fighting Together to Stay in Canada

Blanca Peña Gonzalez and her husband Bernie outside the Federal Court on Friday. Gonzalez is facing deportation on Sunday. Photo Corey Pool

Blanca Peña Gonzalez is facing imminent deportation.

This week she received a deportation order that would have her and her two children sent back to their home country of Mexico as early as this Sunday.

Gonzalez is asking that the government delay her deportation by two months in order for her to complete her sponsorship. On Friday, the Federal Court will be hearing Gonzalez’ request for stay of removal.

“All I’m asking is to delay my deportation because if I have to leave, my sponsorship is finished,” said Gonzalez at a press conference held outside the Federal Court on Friday. “I have to start over again. I’m afraid to go back.”

Gonzalez and her two children, who are now 13 and 16, came to Canada in 2007.

Gonzalez says that she fears returning to Mexico because of abuse from her former husband and his family. She claims that if she returns, her children will be taken from her.

“Canada is a country for opportunity and I have a lot of people around me helping me,” said Gonzalez. “I’ve never had protection in my country–I’ve found everything here.”

I’ve never had protection in my country–I’ve found everything here. – Blanca Peña Gonzalez

Her refugee claim was rejected in May.

In Nov. 2011, Gonzalez sent an application for sponsorship. In September 2012 she is said to have received a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada requiring that she produce four missing pieces of information to complete the sponsorship.

Gonzalez completed a blood test, sent an affidavit from her former relationship and a police report. She’s waiting now on the final piece, her passport, which is apparently being held up.

“We’ve done everything,” said her husband, Bernie. “We’re just waiting on one last thing, the passports, but they’re holding on to them.”

Gonzalez’s lawyer will be addressing the court by way of a teleconference, and hoping to have a decision later today.