Fringe Arts

  • Avenues Within Akousma XIII

    Schoen, CLOrk, Chioini

    If you feel like testing the limits of your ability to discriminate between mind and matter, the Akousma festival is running this week for its 13th edition.

  • Bad Nudes Launches Online Magazine

    Feminist Mag Independently Published First Online Issue

    The online literary magazine Bad Nudes launched amidst midterms and a full moon.

  • Yukonstyle Puts Spotlight on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

    Sarah Berthiaume’s 2013 Play Makes Its English-Language Debut in Montreal

    A globally renowned play is making its first English appearance in Montreal, highlighting the persisting trauma of residential schools on Indigenous communities through the use of stereotypes.

  • Ghost World Comes to Montreal Stage

    Cult-Classic Graphic Novel Translated into Play by Director and Concordia Masters Student Josie Teed

    Growing up and moving on is tough. What’s even tougher than that is deciding what to move on from, and experiencing the events that will eventually shape us.

  • Loops Through Acoustic Ladders

    Exploring the Work of Suzanne Ciani and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

    A performance—somewhat. An immersion—definitely.

  • Interactive Film From FNC Invites Viewers to Choose the Story

    Over 500 Different Segments Incorporated into the Making

    A man is holding you at gunpoint in an empty parking lot. “Get in the car,” he orders. Obey or run. Whatever you choose, be prepared for the consequences.

  • Concordia Writing Workshops Highlight Canadian Authors

    Participating in the Language of Literature

    A room of eager audience members packed close together, hanging onto every word Jeramy Dodds, a Montreal-based poet, spoke last Friday.

  • Tangente Dance Collective Showcases Concordia Students’ Work

    Twi Dancers Pop Up on the Local Scene

    Only minutes later, a lanky bearded man moseys around the stage in leather heels, teasing the audience as he strikes glamorous, dramatic poses with seven-metre cuts of satin and tulle. Eryn Tempest and Manuel Shink, the two dancers, wowed audiences this weekend at Monument National as part of Tangente’s “New Waves” series.

  • The Temperance Movement Moseys Over to Montreal

    All the Way from Scotland, Hard Rock Band is Humbled to Take the Stage in our Fine City

    His eyes continued to dart around the room. Meanwhile, the rest of the band busily unpacked and made coffee runs for what would be a long day of rehearsing and sound testing.

  • A Peek at Le Festival du Nouveau Cinema

    Film Entries Include a Collaboration with Studio Ghibli, Queer Issues and More

    “There’s something for everyone,” said Nicolas Girard Deltruc, FNC Executive Director.