Fringe Arts

  • The Cords Aren’t Tangled: Deadlift, Miss Mee and Zepha on the Music Industry

    Behind the Booth with Three Rad DJs

    While Deadlift, Miss Mee and Zepha are all unique characters, one thing they share is that they’re all DJs, and each of these musicians’ paths has been distinctly her own.

  • Emerging Film Production Company Breaks Away from Typical Role Casting

    Tiny Arms Productions Strives to Create Space for Diverse Actors

    For their newest production, a short film called “It’s Carla Your Agent,” Yao and Darbyson shot in Notre-Dame-de-Grace. Last Saturday, at 10 a.m. sharp, a team of 13 people filled a small living room with sound booms, high tech camera equipment, make-up kits and coffeemakers.

  • Poems of the Week

    Curated for Your Poetic Pallette

    Some fine poets.

  • Working Through Sexual Violence With Music

    Montreal Singer Hanorah’s Lyrics Tackle Tough Subjects

    While the Montreal-based band played a mix of original music and covers from artists such as Amy Winehouse and The White Stripes, Hanorah’s set wasn’t just a cheerful collection of good music, it was a powerful display of emotion and empathy for issues that exist beyond the bar.

  • An Interview With Hannah Georgas

    Talking With the Toronto Musician Before Upcoming Montreal Show

    “I value conversation and people who I care about. I think it’s important to follow up, to nurture the great relationships that you’ve made with people.”

  • No Need to Be Rich to Stitch

    Montreal Designer Colin Meredith Paves His Own Path Into the Fashion Industry

    “I fall asleep staring at this huge rack of shit.”

  • Best Fern Is Blooming

    Duo Best Fern to Play at Concordia Greenhouse on Wednesday

    Listening to Best Fern is like floating through an aquarium. Watery synths, with layered bubbly samplings, and of course, Avina’s angelic voice, all come together to produce a whimsical underwater sound.

  • Curating the Art Matters Festival

    A Look at What Goes Into the Concordia Undergrad Art Festival

    Art Matters, a Concordia-based festival that started in 2000, is a culmination of undergrad effort to organize several unique exhibitions throughout Montreal. Planning for the festival starts months in advance. A team of people from the artistic community, including Dean of Fine Arts Rebecca Duclos, selected this year’s student curators in October 2016,

  • A Celebration of Indigenous Artists

    MAI to Host Tenth Editions of Indigenous Arts Showcase, Eclectik

    Kramer, a first-time curator and Concordia graduate, organized the evening to showcase a wide range of Indigenous perspectives. The festival will feature predominantly performance art, but will also include music, visual art and short film screenings. Most of the artists are based in Montreal.
    “My background is more in contemporary dance so I wanted to bridge these mediums,” Kramer explained. With a variety of artists from different backgrounds, Kramer said that the work represents Canadian history from an Indigenous point of view.

  • Of Jagermeister and Root Beer: Igloofest Is Back

    11th Edition of the Electronic Music Festival Kicks Off on Thursday

    Montreal winter is intense. The shrill cold can make you forget your humanity. t’s a season when going out on the weekend meant scrupulous calculations of the time exposed to the unforgiving wind between Mont-Royal metro and the doors of the bar.
    But that was then, and this is now. Now, we have Igloofest.