Fringe Arts

  • Welcome to the Zine Scene

    Expozine Gives Artists the Exposure

    “We can’t just go on forever in the basements of crumbling churches,” Rastelli stated, jerking his head towards a floor full of artists.

  • Playing in a Decolonized World

    Tabletop Game Ehdrigohr Headlines Concordia’s Second Future Imaginaries Lecture

    “It is about struggling with being who you are, despite the big things going on around you,” said Turner.

  • Emo Night MTL: A Testimony

    How a Non-Former Emo Had a Great Time at an Emo Event

    It’s both a music genre and a subculture, and is generally associated with celebrating and accepting sadness. As one former emo kid told me at TRH bar, “It was a lifestyle.”

  • A Lesson in Anti-Austerity

    Interactive Play Seeks to Inform Community About Anti-Austerity Measures

    Increased budget cuts throughout the city of Montreal’s infrastructure have affected education, public health, and the environment in dramatic ways. And we’re not talking about a few grand here and there.

  • Poems of the Week

    Some Words

    Delicious words.

  • Extinct Peripheries’ Debut

    Sea Beau’s New Electro-Acoustic Album Is Rad

    Walking up St. Urbain St. on a rainy Saturday evening, the energy overflowed from Geist House, spilling out the windows and into the night’s air.

  • Indigenizing University Education Through Art and Experience

    Cree Artist Joseph Naytowhow Shares His Knowledge At Concordia

    Joseph Naytowhow is a Plains/Woodland Cree artist who came to Concordia from Saskatchewan to pass on knowledge about the traditional Cree way of knowing and seeing through observation and expression.

  • Concordia to Host South Asian Film Festival This Weekend

    Free Screenings Begin on Friday and Last Until Sunday

    The festival is entering its sixth edition this year. Seventeen films from the Asian subcontinent will be screened. Features this weekend come from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Maldives.

  • Artist Leaves Original Works in Montreal Bus Stops

    Aquil Virani Shares his Artwork with the Community

    Like leaving items on the curb before moving day, hoping that somebody will provide your old bookcase with a loving home, Virani has been leaving his old works in bus shelters across Montreal with the goal of bringing his art to the public. It’s about making art accessible, said Virani.

  • HTMlles Kicks off 12th Edition this Week

    Intermedia Art Festival Explores Feminism and Online Privacy

    The brainchild of Studio XX—a feminist art centre in Montreal—HTMlles was created only one year after the centre’s opening in 1996. Now it runs bi-annually, making this year’s edition its 12th run.