Fringe Arts

  • Breaking Down Barriers and Creating a Safe Space in Print

    Feminist Propaganda Zine Release Show

    Artist Kayla Brooke has recently released her self-published zine, Feminist Propaganda!

  • The Link’s Top Picks From Art Matters 2017

    Student-Curated Festival Offers Up Variety of Thematic Shows

    Vernissages and shows will be taking place over the next few weeks, giving everyone a chance to check out the student-curated shows in their own time. For this year’s edition of the festival viewers will have the unique opportunity to experience performances, video and audio installations, sculptural pieces, photo series and, of course, artwork through traditional mediums like painting and drawing.

  • Poems of the Week

    On the Topic of “Home”

    A selection of poetic works from us to you.

  • Artist Panel Explores Mobility and More

    Answering the Questions We’re Too Afraid to Ask

    Many artists are left with this thought when their time as undergrads has finished. You might be at the end of your rope. Pining for a secure job doing what you love; your vision doesn’t include waiting tables or bagging groceries, but you need some sort of income to keep creating.

  • Releasing Stigma One Song At a Time

    Montreal Band Pin Up to Release Second EP

    Pin Up band members Samantha Martel and Collin Steinz talk about their upcoming EP, “End of the Night,” and what exactly the motivation behind their music is.

  • The Impossible Comedy

    Tuesday Night Cafe’s Adaptation of When Five Years Pass

    Tuesday Night Cafe Theatre presents their latest production of When Five Years Pass, a performance that toys with the timeline and answers what love may or may not be.

  • Silence Is a Death Sentence

    Review of Intractable Woman

    Imago Theatre presents Intractable Woman, following the story of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya who fought tooth and nail to tell the truth.

  • Concordia Prof Organizes Benefit Concert for Families of Sainte-Foy Victims

    The Yusra Benefit Show for Sainte-Foy Proves There’s Love to Go Around

    The impromptu concert was pulled together by Iraqi-Canadian rapper, The Narcicyst—commonly known as Narcy. A collaborative effort between his collective The Medium and POP Montreal, the Feb. 10 show hosted a variety of musical acts—many of whom are friends with the well-known rapper.

  • Norman Nawrocki Explores Migrant Justice Through His New Album

    Album Launch Prompts Conversations for Change

    Nawrocki is a poet and an author, having released 14 books in the past 30 years. He’s also a spoken-word artist and a violinist, and he and his bands have released 55 albums over the same period of time. In between putting out a constant stream of new art, Nawrocki also finds the time to teach a class at Concordia’s School of Community and Public Affairs.

  • Rap Battles and Activism

    Concordia’s Rap Battle on Police Brutality

    The Concordia University Hip Hop Community is co-organizing the Rap Battle Against Police Brutality, discussing what it is and why it’s important.