Eric White

  • Special Issue

    Out in the Locker Room

    Although there are gay politicians, entertainers and writers, there are few gay athletes—especially male ones.

  • Sports

    Fit To Be Tied

    Despite snowstorms and icy-cold weather, winter is still game season for Concordia’s men’s soccer team.

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    Pitching In

    Despite the vast diversity of people and cultures in the Concordia community, it’s not often they are united under the common banner of a charitable cause.

  • Sports

    The Penalty Shot Shivers

    Karim Haroun, centre midfielder for the Stingers, knows how to take a penalty shot—he converted four out of four penalties during the fall season.

  • Sports

    Bishops Beat-up By Strong Stingers

    After a difficult three weeks that saw the Stingers drop five straight games, Concordia’s Women’s basketball team returned to winning ways in convincing style against the Bishop’s University Gaiters.

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    Another Loss

    What started out as an undefeated run has now turned into a free fall for Concordia’s women’s basketball team.

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    Strong Start Has Stingers Buzzing

    It was a hard-fought battle, but Concordia’s women’s basketball team came out on top last Friday, nudging the Bishop’s University Gaiters 59-56.

  • Opinions

    Disgustingly Expensive

    When I found out that buying a meal plan was a requirement to live in residence at Concordia, I didn’t think much of it. I figured the food probably wouldn’t be the greatest, but hey, I didn’t have a choice. Recent reports have revealed that Chartwells—the sole company responsible for this school’s food services—lost Concordia $51,000 last year. With this deficit and the less-than-appetizing food in mind, I can’t help but wonder why I’m paying such a ridiculous amount to a company that’s losing my school money.

  • News

    Redefining Reality

    Redefining reality was the theme of the third annual TEDxMcGill talk, which featured thought-provoking topics meant to challenge people’s conceptions of society and the world around them.

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    New Club Going Off the Walls

    Upon entering Club Atwater, with its mahogany staircases, carpeted floors and leather chairs, you would not expect to find one of Concordia’s newest and most laid-back athletic clubs.

  • News

    Conference With a Conscience

    Genocide in Rwanda and ethnic cleansing in Kosovo in the early 1990s went notoriously ignored by the Western press and the United Nations—but these atrocities also caused positive changes in the media designed to avoid this kind of reaction in the future. The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies came together …

  • Sports

    UdeM Too Much for ConU

    A potent Université de Montréal offense was too much for Concordia’s women’s soccer team to handle on Sunday, as they were downed 4-1 on home turf. Despite going down two quick-fire goals late in the first half, the Stingers never stopped fighting.

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    Stingers a No-Show

    “Poor performance, lack of quality, lack of heart.”

    That’s how Stingers head coach Lloyd Barker described the Concordia’s men’s soccer team’s effort during Sunday’s 4-0 home loss to the Université de Montréal Carabins.

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    More Than a Rugby Game

    As fall weather chilled rugby fans on a cool Friday night, Women Aware—a Montreal organization whose goal is to aid and support battered women—felt the warmth of a giving community thanks to the seventh annual Kelly-Anne Drummond Cup fundraiser.

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    Cupcake Love

    Concordia transfer student Marie-Pascale Des Rosiers loves baking, but when she started a cupcake club at McGill University less than a year ago, she had no idea the impact her cupcakes could make.