More Than a Rugby Game

Kelly-Anne Drummond Cup Raises $1,200 for Women’s Shelter

Photos Sean Celestrin

As fall weather chilled rugby fans on a cool Friday night, Women Aware—a Montreal organization whose goal is to aid and support battered women—felt the warmth of a giving community thanks to the seventh annual Kelly-Anne Drummond Cup fundraiser.

The fundraiser, which ran congruently with the women’s rugby match between the Concordia Stingers and McGill Martlets, raised more than $1,000 for the shelter.

Kelly-Anne Drummond died tragically in October 2004, and her boyfriend was convicted of murder in April 2006. She played for the Stingers from 1999 to 2001 and graduated with a degree in Communications in 2002.

The cup has been played in Drummond’s memory between Concordia and McGill for the past 7 years. After the hard-fought 17-7 victory for the Stingers, Doreen Haddad, Drummond’s mother, presented the Stingers with the cup, which they will keep until the two sides meet again next year.

“It’s nice to be here, but I wish we wouldn’t have to be here, because Kelly-Anne would be alive and maybe working as a coach or trainer for Concordia,”
Doreen Haddad, Kelly Anne Drummond’s mother

Haddad felt mixed emotions on a night of remembrance and reflection. “It feels the same as it does every year,” she said, on being back at Concordia Stadium. “It’s nice to be here, but I wish we wouldn’t have to be here, because Kelly-Anne would be alive and maybe working as a coach or trainer for Concordia.”

The sides were evenly matched, and despite McGill’s possession and relentless attack, the Stingers were able to gain valuable position and score when they needed to. With five minutes left, Stingers went up 17-7, sealing a victory.

Although the game was the evening’s focal point, raising money for the cause was a welcome sub-plot for the night. Even though the game was free, spectators made donations as they entered the stadium.

In addition, volunteers were walking around the stands selling raffle tickets for a 50-50 draw, with a Canada Rugby jersey among the prizes. The donations and raffle tickets collected a total of $1,200 for Women Aware.

While in previous years the game was played as an exhibition match, this year it counted as a league game, making the atmosphere more competitive than usual.

Stingers captain Claire Hortop said the fierce rivalry with McGill helped to better commemorate Kelly-Anne’s competitive spirit.
“Part of the reason we always play McGill in the Kelly-Anne [Drummond Cup] is because she used to love playing against McGill, because the rivalry just makes it that much more exciting.”

The game’s atmosphere was equal parts lighthearted and competitive, as McGill and Concordia fans alike were glad to contribute to the cause. Haddad was grateful for the outpouring of support. “We’re extremely happy that there’s two great teams that come together and play and that we have this beautiful cup.”

After a successful night, Haddad said Kelly-Anne’s strong spirit and love for rugby will once again help women in need. She was happy that the event raised so much money for Women Aware.

“This is the organization which I support and believe in and I know they’re making changes in a lot of people’s lives.” Donations can be made to Women Aware at