Redefining Reality

TEDx Talk Comes to McGill, Concordia Event on Horizon

Redefining reality was the theme of the third annual TEDxMcGill talk, which featured thought-provoking topics meant to challenge people’s conceptions of society and the world around them.

“In order to redefine reality we have to open our eyes and minds to look outside of our own lives… We’re so connected to so many other people,” Morgan Wienberg, a 19-year-old activist who works in a Haitian orphanage, told The Link after speaking at the conference.

During a time when younger generations are often critiqued for their apathy, the event painted an optimistic picture of the future, featuring many accomplished young entrepreneurs and activists.

“I really believe things are better moving forward,” said Alain Tascan, the co-founder of Montreal-based video game giant Ubisoft. “People are ready to do things and make a change.”

Student speakers, such as Alex Pritz and Christian Elliot, who have used social media to connect high school students in Montreal and the Philippines, and Joshua Kyle, who works to recycle electronics and reduce waste, showed how the power of technology can be used to positively impact the environment.

TEDxMcGill is one of the many spinoffs of the famous Technology Entertainment and Design conferences held annually in Monterey, CA.

The TEDx talks, which have been proliferating since their inception in 2009, are either free or relatively inexpensive to attend, allowing for TED to reach a broader audience and cover more topics.

“There were a lot of really dedicated people who spent a lot of time and had a lot of fun planning this really inspirational event,” said volunteer coordinator Liz Marsh. “TED allows us to be so creative and innovative in our conference design, which makes the whole process fun, creatively challenging, and really refreshing.”

Although no official announcements have been made, a TEDxConcordia event is set to take place in early 2012.