Get What You’re Paying For

A Comprehensive List of Your Fee-Levy Services

You know that one line on your tuition bill that says Student Association and Activity Fee? Well, that one line represents 13 groups on campus that provide services that many undergrads go through university never knowing they can use.

Seeing as students pay for the services, they should be able to take advantage of them. However, since the information about them is next to impossible to find, here’s the lowdown on what you’re fu­­­nding, layed out so you have the option to make your own choice.

The first number, the fee levy, is how much you pay per credit. Multiply the fee-levy with your total credit-count this semester—the average student takes twelve credits. Multiply that by 30,000, the undergrad population at Concordia, and you’ll see how much these organizations get per semester.

The Link
$0.19 /credit x 12 = $2.28 × 30,000 = $68,400/semester
Your newspaper brought to you every week, by yours truly.

Cinema Politica
$0.07/credit x 12 = $0.84 × 30,000 = $2,100/semester
Montreal’s non-profit political cinema that gets screened all over the world. Pick up a brochure of viewing times at the entrance of the Hall building. Pay what you can, or if you’re strapped for cash, you’re welcome to watch for free.

People’s Potato
$0.37/credit x 12 = $4.44 × 30 000 = $ 133,200/semester
The Potato brings you culinary kindness every weekday. They offer free vegan-friendly food from 11:30 a.m to 2:00 p.m. on the 7th floor of the Hall building.

Concordia Française
$0.06/credit x12 = $0.72 × 30,000 = $21,600/semester
These funds help print L’Organe, the only francophone magazine at Concordia.

Le Frigo Vert
$0.25/credit x 12 = $3.00 × 30,000 = $90,000/semester
Your non-corporate, neighbourhood organic grocery store that also provides information and services about equal-rights activism and vegan nutrition.

2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy
$0.29/credit x 12 = $3.48 × 30,000 = $104,400/semester
The 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy holds events such as film festivals and discussions in an effort to break down gender barriers.

Art Matters
$0.08/credit x 12 credits = $0.96 × 30,000 = $ 28,800/semester
$0.30 for fine arts students
Pitch in eight cents per credit to throw a badass art festival for emerging artists in Concordia. It’s happening on March 11, 2011.

CJLO Radio
$0.25/credit x 12 = $3.00 × 30,000 = $90,000/semester
Tune your radios to 1690 AM and check out Concordia’s radio station.

Broadcast Media Fund
$0.09/credit x 12 = $1.08 × 30 000 = $32, 400/semester
The administrative side of CJLO Radio and CUTV.

The Concordian
$0.19/credit x 12 = $2.28 × 30,000 = $68,400/semester
The other guys.

Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec
$2.50/semester x 30,000 = $75,000/semester
$2.50 buys you … I’m not really sure. Another lobby group?

Sustainable Action Fund
$0.25/credit x 12 = $3.00 × 30,000 = $90,000/semester
Three bucks a semester funds all of the “greening” going on in Concordia. Check out the $12,500 green wall project at the Reggie’s terrace.

Sustainable Concordia
$0.05/credit x 12 = $0.60 × 30,000 = $18,000/semester
This money, along with more dough from the university, helps fund all of SC’s projects in and around campus.

The Quebec Public Interest Research Group
$0.30/credit x 12 = $3.60 × 30,000 = $108,000/semester
The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at Concordia is all about stirring shit up. They offer resources to support grassroots activism for diverse social and environmental issues.

Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program
$0.35/credit x 12 = $4.20 × 30,000 = $126,000/semester
The Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program: the name pretty much explains everything. Sign up and get shipped to far off, third-world countries and do some humanitarian work. Hang out at the newly acquired volunteer center in Uganda.

Now, if you think any of this stuff does not apply to you, you can always OPT OUT of these charges and get your money back. Just bring your tuition bill to any of their offices, fill out a form and get reimbursed.* You can opt out of Concordia Student Union health care fees online.

*Your experience and ease of opt out may vary. Check opt out periods for each group.

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 04, published September 7, 2010.