Adam Kovac

  • Barbs at the Board

    Student Reps “Ticking People Off” at BoG Meeting

    Two motions introduced by a student representative at the Concordia Board of Governors meeting on Nov. 17 were tabled and another was defeated, in a session that culminated with another Governor forcefully telling students they are “ticking people off.”

  • Tear Down Those Tents

    City to Evict Occupiers

    “I have always said that peace and security on-site and off-site should be the paramount consideration,” said Tremblay. “As these conditions are not met, the time has come that the [Occupy activists] find other ways to get their message across. I’m sure they will understand the need for action as soon as possible.”

  • Comeback Kids

    Stingers Storm Back, Tie Game in Dying Seconds

    Men’s hockey comes in at the clutch, winning a shoot-out thriller on home ice.

  • Students United

    Students Out en Masse for Nov. 10 Tuition Protest

    Red paint stained the flagpole and the ground. Vapour from a discharged fire extinguisher made the rainy darkness even gloomier.

  • Strike Zone

    Concordia students have seen a first strike. It was made official, in part, by the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ vote for a one-day strike on Nov. 10.

  • Mayhem at McGill

    Building Occupation Ends in Violence for Those Outside

    While the Nov. 10 Day of Action march wound its way through Montreal’s downtown, action of a different sort was developing on the McGill University campus.

  • Organizing an Occupation

    The Nuts and Bolts of Victoria Square’s Protest City

    At first glance, Occupy Montreal is a ramshackle series of tents, people and supplies. Chaotically spread out in Victoria Square, the center of Montreal’s financial district, it appears to have no rhyme or reason.

  • Call Me Ismail

    New CSU CEO Already Prepping for Elections

    Confusion over the hiring, and firing, of the Concordia Student Union Chief Electoral Officer last week overshadowed the position’s immediate responsibility—organizing the byelection taking place in three weeks.

  • Songs in the Square

    Occupy Montreal Gets Musical

    Take it from me—playing a steel-stringed acoustic guitar when it’s cold outside really sucks.The skin on your hands dries out and becomes brittle. The knuckles on your right hand chafe pretty badly if you miss the strings with your pick.

  • Charting a New Academic Course

    Senate Approves Five-Year Plan Despite Student Objections

    After an hour of debate, Concordia’s Senate voted by secret ballot to adopt a new five-year academic plan for the university, despite rampant student opposition.

  • ConU Academic Plan Approved by Senate

    Students’ Concerns Dismissed

    After an hour of debate, Concordia’s Senate voted by secret ballot to adopt a new five-year academic plan for the university, despite rampant student opposition. In total, 26 Senators voted in favour of the plan, and 19 voted in opposition.

  • The Case of the Missing Councillor

    The World Series may be over, but the three-strike rule is still in effect at the Concordia Student Union.

  • We’re 25th! We’re 25th!

    Concordia Slips a Spot in Maclean’s University Rankings

    Much has happened at Concordia in the past year. A president left under mysterious circumstances, setting off a massive overhaul of the governance system. A new academic plan was introduced that will chart Concordia’s next five years. Students and professors alike have won awards, published papers, and made advances in their fields.

  • Help Across Borders

    Kahnawake Community Extends Helping Hand With Clothing Drive

    Winter is coming to South Dakota, and that means a hard few months are approaching the Rosebud Indian Reservation. It means power outages that last up to a week. It means no heat if you don’t have a propane heater or wood-burning stove.

  • Graham Gets Crackin’

    Concordia’s Provost Talks Tuition, Academic Plan

    Provost David Graham presented Concordia’s new Academic Plan to the Concordia Student Union Council on Wednesday.

  • Against the Academic Plan

    Provost Pitches, CSU Votes Against Five-Year Plan

    While the Concordia Senate is still deciding how it feels about the new five-year academic plan, the Student Union has taken a stance—voting to not accept the plan in its current state during Wednesday’s Council meeting.

  • Bite of The Living Dead

    Sights, Sounds and Sociopolitics at the Zombie Walk

    Though brains are their mantra, what being part of a zombie walk really takes is guts. True, it’s preferable if those guts are dripping out of gaping abdominal wounds or being worn like a grisly feather boa in a glam-goes-gory fashion statement, but it takes guts nonetheless.

  • Cancelling the Cleric

    Muslim Student Association Pulls Out of Controversial Event

    The speech was to be given by British Imam Abdur-Raheem Green, who has been criticized for allegedly calling for harsh punishments for homosexuality, condoning domestic violence towards women and controversial remarks about Islamic-Jewish relations.

  • ASFA Resolved

    The results of last week’s Arts and Science Federation of Associations byelections will stand, as former ASFA Chief Electoral Officer Nick Cuillerier promised a special meeting of the ASFA council to withdraw a complaint he had made to the faculty association’s Judicial Committee.

  • Tea-ing Off Security

    Überculture Protests for Student Space

    Members and sympathizers of Concordia’s culture-jamming club überculture had a near run-in with Montreal police on Oct. 18—for drinking tea.A rotating group of five to six activists sat on the floor of the foyer of the Hall Building for their annual tea party in a peaceful publicity stunt to protest the lack of student space.