The Case of the Missing Councillor

The World Series may be over, but the three-strike rule is still in effect at the Concordia Student Union.

At Wednesday’s Council meeting, President Lex Gill gave a warning to members of Council who had already missed two meetings.

“At the point where you miss a third meeting without a valid excuse, which does not include work or class, you are no longer able to vote on Council, and your position is effectively open.

“There are four councillors who are [at] the two-meeting mark. Keep in mind that this is not because we’re particularly concerned about the rules, but because you are here to represent people, and every meeting you miss, those people are not represented.”

The Link identified the four councillors as being John Molson School of Business representatives Ariel Dabora, Anthony D’Urbano and Mahmoud Abdelrahman, as well as Engineering and Computer Science councillor Emran Ghasemi.

However, Dabora told The Link that he had not received a warning email sent out by Council Chairperson Nick Cuillerier and that he had missed one meeting due to an injured ankle.

D’Urbano, Abdelrahman and Ghasemi were not available for comment.