Adam Kovac

  • Open Seating

    Committees Struggle to Find Student Members at Meeting

    When the Concordia Student Union Council met on Oct. 12, they managed to fill four empty student-at-large committee seats. However, five more positions remained unfilled, as not a single student has submitted themselves for consideration.

  • ASFA Elections Undermined

    Controversy Swirls Over Potential Violations of ASFA Electoral Bylaws

    A seemingly routine by-election to fill vacant VP and councillor seats in the Arts and Science Federation of Associations has resulted in questions about the validity of the vote.

  • Developing On The Down Low

    Independent Game Companies Go For Quality On A Budget

    Despite the presence of the word ‘Arts’ in the company’s name, Yan Pepin found his time at Electronic Arts creatively stifling. T

  • Needle Point and Counter Point

    Local Injection Site to Open After Syringe Exchange Closure

    While Cactus may be operating as a safe injection site as early as April, another similar outreach service recently had to cut back its outreach. Head & Hands, located on Sherbrooke St. W. in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, had to get rid of two street workers in August after its provincial funding was cut by $75,000.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Braindead Bagel Burglars Beware

    I love Tim Horton’s. It’s a wonderful, magical place where the holes in the bagels are formed by magical unicorns thrusting through the dough with their glimmering horns while magical fairies urinate coffee into the pots. It’s basically Disneyland for the taste buds.

  • Getting Out of the Habit

    Sisters to Leave Grey Nuns Residence in 2012

    Fine Arts students will be packing up their dance shoes and theatre props, and moving into the Grey Nuns complex on St. Mathieu St. The only question is when, as the nuns who currently inhabit part of the building will be vacating earlier than expected.

  • Planning Ahead

    Senate Discusses Long-Term Goals and Governance at Monthly Meeting

    The Concordia Board of Governors might be done, but Senate is just getting warmed up.

  • Outcry Outside an Office

    Students Protest Tuition Hikes at Ministry of Education

    With signs held aloft and plastic horns, megaphones and whistles turning the peaceful fall air into a roiling cacophony, several hundred students gathered outside the office of Quebec Education Minister Line Beauchamp on Oct. 5 to protest looming increases to university tuition.

  • Editorial

    Democracy is Alive – and Unwell

    The Board of Governors spoke to students on Wednesday morning and, though the message took over an hour to be made official, it can be boiled down to two words: Fuck. You.
    Let’s recap: last week was a week that exemplified the use and misuse of democracy at Concordia.

  • Faubourg Finally Finished

    They sat, asked questions and listened. When it was all over, the councillors of the Concordia Student Union voted as one, killing the $54 million deal that would have turned the Faubourg into a student centre.

  • No to the Faubourg

    Student Council Unanimously Rejects Student Centre Site

    The Faubourg deal has been put to rest, after a unanimous vote from Concordia’s Student Union Council. After a presentation from the administration trying to convince Council of the benefits of the Faubourg site…

  • Academic Appointments Abound

    Council Names New Senators, Gives CJLO New Shot at Fee Levy

    Four new senators were appointed by the CSU at their first Council meeting of the school year on Sept. 21.

  • Arab Spring Turns to Fall in UN

    Montrealers Weigh in on the Bid for a Palestinian State

    If the bid for Palestine to be recognized as a state that is currently working its way through the bureaucracy of the United Nations is successful, the irony is that Palestinians may wind up be less represented at the UN.

  • The Rest Of The Reps

    Concordia’s undergraduates might be on the verge of raising hell because of the proposed changes to the Board of Governors’ bylaws—which aim to reduce their representation—but they aren’t the only ones affected.

  • “I’m Not a Criminal”

    Paola Ortiz came to Canada five years ago, hoping to find sanctuary from a violent fiancé, who also happened to be a member of Mexico’s federal police force. Yesterday, a Canadian federal judge decreed that she will have to return to her homeland, where she says she fears for her safety.

  • CSU Minus Two

    Pair of Councillors Resign from Council

    Less than a month into the academic year, two members of the Concordia Student Union Council have tendered their resignations. In an email regarding the agenda for the CSU meeting on Sept. 21 that was sent to other Council members and members of the Concordia media on Friday evening, CSU Chair Nick Cuillerier identified the two councilors as John Bellingham, who represents independent students, and Gregory Syanidis from the John Molson School of Business.

  • Two Down

    Pair of CSU Councillors Resign

    Less than a month into the academic year, two members of the Concordia Student Union Council have tendered their resignations. In an e-mail to other council members and the campus media, CSU Chair Nick Cuillerier identified the two councillors as John Bellingham, who represents independent students, and Gregory Syanidis from the John Molson School of Business.

  • FASA, Finally

    New Executives Get Ratified in Brief General Meeting

    Executives of the Fine Arts Student Alliance can now lay claim to their job titles, as a near-unanimous vote resulted in the ratification of April’s election results at a special general meeting on Sept. 13.

  • Editorial

    Russian Roulette on the Road

    Picture this: you’re plodding along in the shuttle bus, inching your way through our city’s notoriously bad traffic, on your way to your class at Loyola, and you’re stuck under an overpass. Suddenly, you hear a large cracking sound, and a massive chunk of concrete falls from an aging roadway structure onto the bus, killing you instantly.

  • Divinity After Destruction

    The Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra Discuss Religion in the Post-9/11 World

    Wearing his trademark flowing saffron and scarlet robe and a matching visor to block out the bright stage lights, the Dalai Lama spoke of how religion can be a source of peace during the second Global Conference on World’s Religions After September 11.