Special Issue

  • Where’s the Culture and Music?

    For you res kids who want to stick close to home, Concordia has its own galleries. The VAV is located in Concordia’s VA building and is student-run. There is also the FOFA Gallery in Concordia’s EV building. The two host a ton of student work, so it’s a great way to support your colleagues.

  • Where’s the Library?

    No matter what you’re studying, at some point in your student life, you will have to go to the library. It’s an inevitable step in university, for better and (often) for worse.

  • Where Are the Resources ?

    Concordia security services :
    Call 514-848-3717 for 24-hour safe-walk services anywhere on both campuses. CSS also hosts ConU’s lost and found. Go to security.concordia.ca for a list of lost and found locations and for all other services provided by CSS.

  • Who’s Who at Con U ?

    Lex gill
    Csu President

    The Concordia Student Union’s President Lex Gill was the head of the Your Concordia slate in the 2011 CSU elections, one of the more contentious in student council history. Gill entered office on a platform of fighting tuition hikes, fiscal responsibility and some much-needed T&A (that’s transparency and accountability, you perverts). As a CSU councillor last year, she developed a bit of a reputation as a rabble-rouser—so much so, in fact, that the Mirror named her one of the top 10 loudest activists in Montreal this year. Gill’s job is to serve the interests of students, and it’s your job to make sure she does. (For you graduate students with issues, however, Gill can’t help you. You’ll need to go see Robert Sonin, the president of the Graduate Students’ Association.)

  • Spoof Issue

    Letter from the president, Prince returns, Blue Balls, Art does not matter, Data Stream, what’s inside lowy

  • Letter from the President

    Don’t believe what you read in the newspapers, I’m still president of Concordia University.

  • Prince Ralph Osei Returns

    Former Student Union Prez Exiled in Secret Coup

    The brass buttons on Prince Ralph Osei’s ornate uniform shined as he stepped onto the tarmac at Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport at noon on March 29.

  • Pruyt Rejects Student Criticism of New Rector Lolwy

    ‘He’s Been Dead the Whole Time’

    Responding to stunning allegations raised in a leaked document provided to The Link, Concordia Board of Governors chairman Sam Pruyt confirmed that

  • Space From Space

    Magical Alien Shows Severyns the Light

    The man behind the most recent referendum for a fee levy increase towards a student centre

  • Emperor Lolwy

    what’s inside dederick lolwy

    An early anti-personnel ammunition fired from naval cannons, these chunks of grapeshot date