• Editorial

    Stop Racial Profiling

    For decades, Montreal has been known as a swinging city, a bastion for people who want to live and let live. The city was considered so open minded, so averse to racism and prejudice that it was chosen as the site where famed black baseball player Jackie Robinson would first play professionally.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Should I Buy a Cycling Cap?

    If you’re not sure then you probably shouldn’t. I think that’s a pretty good rule when it comes to looking cool, or at least trying hard to look cool. A perfect example of trying hard at wearing clothes is a cycling cap.

  • Anglo Conspiracies Against Quebec

    Master Plan Against Quebec Nationalism Unveiled

    Take this article as a letter of confession.

    After Parti Québécois MNA Pierre Curzi discovered The Montreal Canadiens’ fiendishly clever plot to destroy Quebec nationalism, I can no longer hold in all these secrets. I feel it is my duty as a member of the city’s anglophone community to divulge what I know about the hockey club’s longstanding plan to eradicate separatism and rob Quebecers of their national identity.

  • FAUX NEWS: Breaking News: World Dissolves

    NOTHINGNESS, NJ—The universe, long home of the stars and of mankind, came to an abrupt and permanent halt on Monday at approximately 11:31 Greenwich time.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Snacks in your system

    I have a one-track stomach. If the threat of developing Type-2 diabetes and losing a foot weren’t so realistic, I would only ever eat sugary breakfast cereals.

  • Bang, Bang, Bang

    On Wednesday Sept. 22, the Long Gun Registry survived as Paliament voted down Bill C-391—a motion to kill the law—by a slim margin. The Long Gun Registry is still under intense debate.

  • Editorial

    Sanction Scrutiny

    Dear elected officials,
    (Please don’t take this as an attack)

  • Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop

    Laws and Stoppers Will Not Jam Skate Culture

    When your main mode of transportation is a wooden plank, metal trucks, four wheels and a death wish, the mainstream populace doesn’t really like you around so much.
    When skaters try to lob frontside flips on someone’s turf, a big man with big authority has orders to get them out of sight. But I have no qualms with the security guard that’s doing his job—my qualms are with the people upstairs making the rules.

  • Editorial

    A Tale of Two ‘sities

    The university is an institution in a state of flux. The concept of a university hasn’t ever been set in stone, but universities today, as with much of Western culture, seem to be changing their stripes a little faster than we may be used to. Chief among these changes is a shift of priorities away from knowledge and towards money.

  • FAUX NEWS: Obama, Secret Confucianist

    Despite public statements expounding on his Christian faith, President Barack Obama has once again publicly refudiated [note to editor: now a word] rumours and speculation that he is actually a Confucianist.