• Editorial

    Project Noise is Killing the Music Scene

    There was a lot of buzz this summer about noise pollution in Montreal, particularly in the Plateau-Mont Royal borough.
    Over the past three months, there were 3,000 noise complaints in the area. Notably, reputable music festivals like the Osheaga music festival and a Pop Montreal showcase held at Parc des Ameriques experienced the brunt of new efforts by the city of Montreal to address the issue of noise pollution.

  • Get What You’re Paying For

    A Comprehensive List of Your Fee-Levy Services

    You know that one line on your tuition bill that says Student Association and Activity Fee? Well, that one line represents 13 groups on campus that provide services that many undergrads go through university never knowing they can use.

  • No Fighting, Doctor’s Order

    The Canadian Medical Association Patronizes Mixed Martial Arts

    Though I expect shameless, bold-faced hypocrisy from my political leaders, I expect better from the political leaders of our doctors.

  • Editorial

    Assigned and undemocratic

    Over the summer months, the Concordia Student Union has been playing a game of musical chairs without giving students a voice about who’s sitting where.

  • FAUX NEWS: Chief Big Mac

    Montreal’s New Top Cop to Crack Down on Gangs, Low Blood Pressure

    There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Officer Big Mac.

  • A Rant en Route

    The Collective Motion Edition

    We live in a city continually beset by the grind of downtown transit, but it might not be our fault.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Dreaming and Driving

    Here’s something alarming. Dream catchers hanging from rearview mirrors. I see these on the highway all the time and it’s god damn terrifying.

  • Editorial

    Time to Grow Up

    A showdown is brewing between the students who were elected to represent the student body and the woman who was appointed to represent the university.
    The trouble is one of the parties wasn’t well informed.

  • Grappling with Islamophobia

    The Proposed Community Centre Near Ground Zero Raises the Issue of Ideological War

    Recently I spoke with a girl who had immigrated to Canada from the United States. As we talked, she told me, “you know somebody’s true character when they’re faced with a threat. When America was faced wi­th the 9/11 attacks, its first instinct was revenge instead of uniting together as a country. I didn’t like that, I don’t like people like that, so I left.”

  • To draw or not to draw

    The Link looks at the draw Muhammad debate

    Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, held on May 20, spawned a clash of ideals. The day was initiated by the censorship of an episode of American television show, South Park titled “201” for depicting the prophet Muhammad—an act that is blasphemous to Islam.