Melissa Fuller

  • Feeling Whipped By The Commercialization of Valentine’s Day?

    February 14th was my anniversary with my high school sweetheart. Though we had been dating for a while, we waited until Valentine’s Day to become official — because that’s what you do when you’re a teenager falling in love for the first time. We were together for a pretty long time, and after several years the pressure of Valentine’s Day anniversaries got pretty intense. We had big expectations, and every year we tried to outdo the previous one with more expensive gifts until we eventually became bitter about how excited we used to get about the day.

  • Pregnancy Options

    My period is late so I took two pregnancy tests, but they each came out different… I don’t know what to do now or what to do if I’m pregnant. I always thought I’d have an abortion if it happened but now I feel confused. Help?

  • Breaking It Off with a Prof

    What do you do if you are sexually involved with a married prof? You want to break it off but he is getting kind of needy and you want to end it nicely.

  • Friends With An Ex

    Do you think it’s possible to be friends with an ex? I’d like to believe it is but it’s never really happened to me.

  • Committing To Your Sexuality

    There are many things I see impeding people [from more fully enjoying their sexuality], myself included. I’ll focus on one thing that has been on my mind recently: a lack of commitment to learning about and exploring one’s sexuality.

  • Fertility Awareness Methods

    I’m curious about natural contraception methods, but it seems like there are many different approaches and I’m overwhelmed trying to pick one. Is there one you suggest?
    —Only Natural

  • You’ve Said a Mouthful

    What is the most sensitive, polite way to convince a woman that (mutual) fellatio is a really great thing? She just seems dead against it but I know it would give our sex life together another sort of dimension…
    —Mouthing Off

  • We’re All That Kind of Girl

    We frame these actions as nonconsensual, labeling the kids as sex offenders and their actions as assault. Yet the law holds that people are incapable of giving sexual consent until the age of 16, and consent remains a concept that even adults are struggling to get right. Then why do we expect children to know what it is and how to ask for it?

  • Come Prepared

    A condom breaking during sex, a forgotten birth control dose or an unwanted pregnancy can be stressful situations, and having to find information or make a decision when you’re already in them can be overwhelming.

  • BDSM Is About Consent

    BDSM requires a sophisticated set of communication and relationships skills, and it requires a level of trust that is difficult to casually achieve.

  • Massaging the Male G-Spot

    I’m a straight male in a relationship and I want to try massaging my prostate. My partner and I have never explored anal play before so we’re not sure where to start. She asked me to lead the way but I don’t really know what will feel good or how to do it. Any tips on how to start?
    —Prostate Explorer

  • A Period Piece

    I love having sex when I’m on my period because I’m always really horny. Are there things I should be doing to be as safe as when I’m having regular sex?
    —Sexy Period

  • Too Big For Comfort?

    I recently started dating a new guy and I really like him but I think he’s too big for me. We haven’t tried having sex and I’m scared it will hurt or not fit in my vagina, so I get really stressed when we fool around. I don’t want this to be the reason things don’t work between us, so is there anything I can do?
    —Size Woes

  • Nothing Cum-ing Out

    I’m a 25-year-old healthy, white male, and I haven’t been able to ejaculate for two years. I can feel the rush and experience of orgasm, but nothing ever comes out. This started happening at a time when I was feeling quite good about my life. I came back from an international exchange and then didn’t masturbate for a month, because I didn’t feel like it. I was caught up in the joys of my life at the time. I guess I’m wondering, what might be going on and should I be concerned?

  • Finding Your Baseline

    Last week, I shared my experience going off hormonal birth control (HBC) and finding my baseline. This week, I’ll be sharing some tips on how you can do the same.

  • Knowing the Baseline

    I was 14 years old when I started taking hormonal birth control to alleviate my menstrual cramps. Since then, I’ve tried many different kinds on my search to find the one that won’t make me mentally or physically uncomfortable for days on end, and will leave me feeling like me.

  • The Immaculate Contraception

    I’m looking for reversible male contraception that isn’t a condom. Are you aware of any that you consider reasonable for a young man in terms of cost, intrusiveness, danger and accessibility?

  • Consent Quickie

    Welcome to the final week of back-to-school quickies! If you’re just joining us, be sure to check out the last two weeks for quickies on condoms and on-campus sexual health resources. This week will be a quickie on consent.

  • Sexual Health Resource Quickie

    There are many resources available to Concordia students, but they’re often hard to navigate. Here are the ones that will help you take care of your sexual health.

  • Back-to-School Quickie

    This week I’ll be starting with a condom quickie! Seems pretty basic right? So basic, in fact, that many people have never formally learned how to use condoms. Those same people are often surprised to learn that condoms rarely break unless they’re used wrong, so if a condom has ever broken on you it’s pretty likely whoever put it on did it wrong.