$10,000 Found in President’s Coffer for CSU

Money Covers Winter Orientation Budget

  • Photo Christopher Curtis

The Concordia Student Union received a surprise $10,000 from the president’s office, which the union is using to cover a majority of the Winter Orientation costs.

Floating in the ether of the Concordia accounting system was $10,000 meant for use three years ago, said Jordan Lindsay, CSU VP Finance. The surprise “kickback” of sorts saved the union from digging into other revenue pools.

The week of events kicks off with coffee and snacks at a meet-and-greet on Jan. 23 in the downtown library.

Jan. 24 is Outdoors Day at Loyola campus, and will feature sporting events and hot chocolate for students. At the end of the day students can warm up at Cultural Night events.

There will also be a Many Tastes of Concordia club fair, a Reggie’s Bar Drink-Off, with a Hangover Breakfast of french toast the following morning.

The CSU had originally set aside $5,500 for the week-long event, but due to the $10,000 from the President’s Office, the CSU will only have to spend $400 on the now $10,400 event.

The breathing room of extra revenue meant the CSU did not need corporate sponsorship, according to CSU VP Student Life Laura Glover.

“We try to avoid external sponsorship in general; it is hard to find companies whose mandates are in line with our ethics, and it’s important to be strict with who we work with,” she explained.

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