• Lace Up Your Shoes for Africa

    Concordia Students Raise Money for Engineers Without Boarders

    On Sept. 5, students from Concordia University’s engineering faculty got sweaty for a good cause.

  • Rebuilding from the Ruins of War and AIDS

    Concordia Students in Uganda are Increasing their Presence with People and Money

    Thomas Prince stepped out of a plane and onto African soil for the first time in his life last year.

  • A Year of Petitions, 170,000 Students at Risk, the CFS Looks to Stop the Loss

    Windsor Students Look to Quit National Student Lobby Despite Tough New Rules

    A year after the first petitions were printed at 14 universities across Canada to leave the Canadian Federation of Students, a national lobby group that many felt was ineffective and interfering in local student politics, no university has successfully left.

  • Concordia Bookstore Starts Renting Textbooks

    Program Saves Student Money, Time and the Planet

    After a successful pilot program this summer, Concordia Bookstores will be renting textbooks to students this September at 40 per cent of the books’ full price.

  • Concordia to Stop Paying for Prayer Space

    University Offers Conditional Loan to Muslim Student Group

    By the time Concordia University stops providing a Friday prayer space for the Muslim Student Association, there will still be 10 days left of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting.

  • Hitting the Pavement

    Students raise $9,000 for Pakistan

    University students from Concordia, McGill and the Universite de Montreal garnered support for those in Pakistan suffering from a catastrophic natural disaster.

  • Collect ‘Em All

    The Obsessive World of Collectors

    Most people put their Pokémon cards in a drawer, never to see the light of day again. Others end up waiting for Hall & Oates outside a concert venue, hoping to add a little ‘rock and soul’ to their autograph stockpile. For lifelong collectors, it’s a thin line between hobby and way of life.

  • ‘I have to fight this’

    Concordia Student Goes Out and Walks for a Cure Against Leukemia

    Alyssa Brandone was 11 when she was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, a disease she fought with everything she had and ultimately defeated.

  • Another Nail in Dorchester’s Coffin

    Demolition crews take down the final wall of a friary on René Lévesque Boulevard West.

    The building was attached to a 116-year-old Franciscan Church that burned down in February.

  • Pakistani Student Association Shaken by Resignations

    Two VPs Resign and Accuse President of Religious Discrimination for Blocking Speaker

    Earlier this month, two Pakistani Student Association VPs resigned from their posts accusing the association’s president of religious discrimination.