• A Greener Concordia

    Green wall to Blossom on Reggie’s Terrace

    Concordia students will enjoy a greener Reggie’s terrace this fall.

    Co-operative Verticale and Concordia University collaborated to build the school’s first green wall. Two large steel brackets—each approximately four feet by eight feet—are fixed to the wall on Reggies terrace on either side of an existing mural and filled with plants.

  • McGill Closes Portion of McTavish Street to Traffic

    McGill students are sheepish about stepping onto the campus’ new pedestrian street. Although the southern half of McTavish Street has been closed to motorists and cyclists since May 28, pedestrians are still clinging to the sidewalk.

  • Off to Court: Six Months is Enough

    Student Union to ask Quebec judge to settle CFS question

    The Concordia Student Union is ready for court.
    For six months, the CSU has tried to sever its ties with the Canadian Federation of Students—a national lobby group that represents college and university students—through democratic means. Now, the student union will be taking its case against the CFS before a judge.

  • Dawson College to Vote on CFS membership

    Another referendum will take place in Quebec. Dawson Student Union Chairperson Ariel Charney told The Link on Aug. 19 that the college’s students would be voting on continued membership in the Canadian Federation of Students.

  • Tensions Run High at Hoodstock

    Citizen Forum Against Racial Profiling Returns to Montreal North

    Two years after the shooting death of Fredy Villanueva, hundreds took to Montreal North’s rainy streets to honour the slain teen and protest police brutality in the neighbourhood.

  • ‘I saw more than I wanted to see’

    The story behind the detainees at 629 Eastern Avenue

    Over six hours on the night of June 27 we spoke to nearly 120 of the detainees to leave the Toronto Film Studio, a sound stage retrofit with cages to hold people arrested during the G20 summit. Although each had a different story to tell, the larger picture remained constant.

  • What’s in that bag?

    The sights and sounds of a G20 protest

    The cop is standing in my way and it’s pretty clear that I’m not getting around him without his say-so. “Do you mind if I take a look inside your bag? I don’t want to search it, I just want to take a look.” He is polite, yet firm. The message is getting through; I am perfectly within my rights to refuse him, but if I do, I won’t be proceeding any further.

  • Conditions at G20 Dentention Centre are illegal, immoral and dangerous

    Detainees forced in cages with little food and water for up to 35 hours

    It is next to impossible to set the scene of what happened at the Detention Centre. Between the two of us we estimate that we spoke to over 120 people, most of whom were released between 9:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. Despite not knowing each other, the story they tell is the same.

  • First Nations G20 protest at Queen’s Park

    No clashes with police as protestors call for better treatment

    About 350 protesters turned out on June 24 in front of Queen’s Park, Ontario’s legislature, as part of a First Nations protest in conjunction with the 2010 G8/G20.

  • Death and ballots

    Filipino vote marks end of a decade with 1,000 political killings

    During outgoing Filipino President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration, violence has played a vital role in the political process. Amnesty International reports that as of May 7, at least five candidates and 16 campaign organizers were murdered during this year’s campaign.