INC Fee Waived

Concordia Lifts $20 Fee Due to “Exceptional Circumstances”

Screen grab of email sent to students on April 13.

Students applying for Incomplete status, which allows extended deadlines for submitting work for their final grade, need not pay the usual $20 per course fee this semester. In an email sent to students this morning, Concordia University has waived the fee due to “the exceptional circumstances that have occurred this term.”

Though the release states the “vast majority of Concordia students and departments has been unaffected by recent protests,” filing for INC status will allow affected students extra time to complete their course work. The release does state, however, that “all academic requirements must be completed by May 30, 2012.”

While the fee has been waived, all students must apply for INC status by May 15, the originally scheduled deadline.

Concordia spokesperson Chris Mota confirmed the authenticity of the release. Last month, a false press release was circulated, purporting the university’s support of student strike action.