Support Pudwell

The article “All is Not Well” (Vol.31, Iss. 25 pg.03) was quite shocking.

I especially find the Concordia Student Union wanting to know where their executives are at all times disturbing. A student government should trust their executives, and right now things are not stable in the CSU.

I find Pudwell’s decision to resign to be a good choice, given that she had no freedom and people were suspicious about her talking to other students. I also find it disturbing that the CSU president didn’t even want to comment on the story. The president of a student government should support their executives and motivate them to do a good job; this is clearly not the case here.

I support Pudwell’s decision to be a voice for the students on the outside. I think it’s best this way, given the circumstances of the CSU.

—Elsa Jabre,
Economics Major