Know Your Choice

As many you hopefully are aware, the Concordia Student Union campaigns are currently going on. There are currently two slates that are running.

Action is a group of student leaders, some of whom show much promise, and I encourage you to go out and get read up on all of their candidates.

I, however, am gearing myself towards Your Concordia, an excellent team of both highly experienced and highly motivated individuals. They are an excellent team, made up of many different students, all with different perspectives and interests. To me, this sounds like the perfect team to represent the multicultural and multi-perspective student body that we have here at Concordia. If you don’t believe me, then just talk to any of the candidates for Your Concordia, you’ll understand what I mean.

I encourage EVERYBODY to go out and vote, and to not only vote, but make an informed vote. Go to their websites, their Facebook groups, and watch their YouTube videos. Not only will you learn a lot about them, but you will also learn a lot about your student union and how your one vote can make a difference!

—Jacob Dobias,
Political Science