Boycott Israel, Boycott God

An article published in The Link (Vol. 31 Iss. 25, Pg. 24) is completely erroneous. I must take issue with statements about Israel made by Aaron Lakoff.

Israel is in The Word of God, in The Sacred Bible, the inspired Word of God, and as with The True Messiah, it is the whole focal point of what God is truly saying to us, if only we would believe and be saved, to be with Him forever.

Israel is not just a country; it is a people, the Jewish people, chosen by God to be His People as a nation, Israel, AND THIS IS FOREVER.

When God makes a blood covenant WITH ANYONE, it is forever, that is all. God is sovereign in the matter, and He chose Israel to represent Him on this earth. Boycott Israel, boycott God, simple as that!

If you become an enemy of Israel, you have become an enemy of God. God blesses those that bless Israel and curses those that curse Her. Very simple, also, from His Word.

Israel has today nowhere near the land of Promise given to Her FOREVER by God, and described in full, complete detail over and over again, just where SHE is, and what She will do, God loves Israel so much that He speaks of Her always throughout His Word, letting us know of His Great and Everlasting Love for Her, yes, but also for everyone of us, whom He has made.

He calls to us constantly, without fail, seeking us all day and night greatly through Israel, which has preserved His Word and promoted it.

Israel is the vine and we are the branches, who love and accept The Messiah portrayed through The Bible. Israel is the land of beauty, holiness and prophecy—absolutely everything is foretold about Israel, there is no lack, we cannot turn our back—

For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent,

For Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet,

Till her righteousness shines out like the dawn,

Her salvation like a blazing torch. —Isaiah 62

Who would dare to speak such trash of Israel, The Beloved Nation of God, His Home for the Jewish People?

Nothing is occupied, not an inch, nothing is taken from anyone, but only from Israel Herself. These borders today are not even close to the land of Promise.
—Elizabeth-Ann Paterson,
Independent student