Fringe Arts

  • How To Bare Your Soul

    How To Dress Well Combines Pop Music with Public Mourning

    In part because of accolades from a certain three-pronged hype machine, Tom Krell’s solo-project known as How To Dress Well has enjoyed a growing international audience for the better part of a year now.

  • Re-Rewind

    Found Footage Festival Commemorates Rediscovered Classics

    Creating a canon of VHS excellence for rediscovered classics like, Enjoying Lovemaking Through Hypnosis, Ventriloquism For Fun & Profit or Rent-a-Friend, the Found Footage Festival—screening in Montreal Feb.

  • Spin on Spins

    On Jan. 14, Trish Keenan, lead singer of Broadcast, passed away of pneumonia.

  • You’ve Got Another Drink Coming

    Montreal has a reputation for being the home of drunken writers, and a place where literary events seem to perpetually cohabitate with the local bars.

  • Lit Writ


    Night exists
    for the pin of a cat’s eye.

  • No Easy Poems

    Sheryda Warrener’s Hard Feelings Tough Yet Tender

    Hard Feelings, Sheryda Warrener’s debut poetry collection, is broken down into four sections, each one with its own unique tone.

  • Finding Your Native Tongue

    Braids’ Debut Is All About Communication

    Austin Tufts, drummer for Montreal quartet Braids, is bringing bagels back to the band’s shared Outremont apartment when I reach him on the phone.

  • Space Case

    FASA Kicks Off Its First Lecture Series

    Over the next few weeks, the Fine Arts Student Alliance will be hosting a lecture series that offers a discussion on identity and its relationship to the external world.

  • Dye It Blonde

    The Smith Westerns

    The last time I went to value village I bought a large black sweater with bright geometric shapes overlapping on it. the sweater is a little too big for me but I like it a lot because I feel like a seven-year old wearing it.

  • Capturing the Uncapturable

    Girard’s Bigfoot an Authentic Snapshot of Teenagehood

    As a child, it’s easy to get caught up in tall tales, and it’s often difficult to outgrow them completely.