A Two-Night Stand

Playwright Rena Hundert Presents Her Work With A Variety Show

Rena Hundert’s Evenings of Lerrv at the freestanding room (4324 St-Laurent Blvd. 3rd floor). Jan. 24 and 25

Concordia theatre grad and local comedienne Rena Hundert is presenting two one-act plays for the first time at the freestanding room this week.

She warns fans who know her that these were written during her pre-comedy days, and take on a darker side. Each of the two nights feature a one-hour play followed by a variety show.

The decision to have staged readings of these plays is something Hundert said “was bouncing around” in her head for a while, but the firm plans to do it came a little over two weeks ago. Being a member of the freestanding room is perfect for last-minute performances.

“It’s hard to find a rehearsal space, and [freestanding room is] so cheap. You pay a monthly fee and you get 25 free hours.”

The freestanding room is a theatre space on St-Laurent Blvd. where members pay $60 per month for free use of the space. Hundert is holding the readings there and has invited guests performing after her plays.

The variety show includes musicians, comedians and improvisers. It follows Friday’s play, the last part of a trilogy by Hundert called MORRIS: The End.

“[The variety show] starts at 10 p.m. on Friday night, so it’ll probably bleed into a party,” Hundert said.

Since this is the first time an audience gets to see these plays, Hundert is passing around pens and paper after the readings to encourage anonymous creative feedback.

Hundert will be participating in the readings and said that her experience of being in a play she wrote lends itself to a “balancing act” with the director.

“I felt I knew more about the character than the director did. It’s harder to compromise creatively.”

Like a lot of Montrealers, Hundert is soldiering through a cold right now, so she assures attendees that this is a special performance.

“Anybody that comes–it’ll definitely be a labor of love.”

Rena Hundert’s Evenings of Lerrv at the freestanding room (4324 St-Laurent Blvd. 3rd floor) / Jan. 24 and 25 / 8 p.m. / Pay What You Feel
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