Fringe Arts

  • Animal Instinct

    Josh Dibb on the Guggenheim, Barefoot Hippies and His Struggle to Make the Music He Wants to Make

    “It’s been both a blessing and a curse to be the dude from Animal Collective,” said Josh Dibb, or perhaps better known by his stage name, Deakin. After spending the past couple years apart from the overwhelming success of being a founding member of Animal Collective, Dibb is embarking on a solo project.

  • CEASE Art Collective Drops the Velvet Rope

    There’s a downside to Montreal’s vibrant artistic community—its cup runneth over. For this analogy, just pretend the cup is gallery space.

  • Quick Read

    The Devil You Know

    Now that I’ve read Jenn Farrell’s latest collection of short stories, The Devil You Know, I understand the grim feeling of depression.

  • Books Are Dead. Long Live Books!

    Or, a Summary of Reading in 2010

    So Bob Dylan said it best: “The times, they are a-changin.”
    Now, nothing changes completely. All big change is comprised of and preceded by a series of small, often unnoticeable changes. For situations like these, I like to think of the sea eroding a cliff face. Maybe you have your own mental image to substitute, so by all means, imagine it right now, if you think that will help.

  • Isolation on the Silver Screen

    Lavan, Hebrew for “white,” is a dark film that carries univeral themes of isolation, cruelty, guilt, bravery and utter madness.

  • Affection, Nostalgia and Craft

    Montreal Illustrator Sara Guindon Shares Her Art and Heart

    Denver-bound local artist Sara Guindon will hit up Headquarters Gallerie+Boutique for a farewell vernissage this Friday. Called Objects of Affection, the event will feature illustration, animation, lively dolls yand paper puppetry.

  • Meet Your New Best Friend

    The Reading Room Offers Students a Place to Read, Relax and Gaze

    If you are new to Concordia’s Fine Arts program or have been living under a rock during your time in the program, the EV building has a little oasis for you: the Concordia Fine Arts Reading Room.

  • Clearing Out the Mould

    A Summer Makeover at Concordia’s VA Building Creates New Space for Students to Sculpt

    The VA building has undergone some large transformations this summer to the delight of sculpture staff and students.

  • You, an Urban Safari and Performance Art

    An urban safari will be released upon Montreal this week.
    No need to fret. This isn’t your typical pack of exotic animals, but a pack of performance artists and the occasion is Spark, a four day performance festivity.

  • Dø-Re-Me

    The Dø Find a Universal Language in ­Music

    The Dø are a happy accident. After being left to their own devices while working on a soundtrack for a French film, members Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levi couldn’t find the words to say goodbye to each other. So they didn’t.