Fringe Arts

  • “Gloom-Doom” Pop

    Guards are Making Waves Across the Blogosphere

    The New York quintet stops by Montreal to show what the fuss is about.

  • Theatre a la Sauvage

    The Final Countdown: One More Weekend of Fringe

    Your guide to the last weekend of Montreal’s Fringe Festival.

  • Fringe Foodie

    Wine Me, Dine Me, Teach Me Too

    The ruby red of a glass of red, the smell of something citrus, the taste of crushed grapes swirling around in your mouth with earthy and floral accents that have you second-guessing your nose. Ah! the thrills and mystery of wines!

  • Serious Girl Power

    CHANGE THE BEAT is About Celebration

    Tomorrow’s Girls Action Foundation benefit concert is about celebrating the power of girls and women of all ages.

  • Theatre a la Sauvage

    Concordia Choreographers Put their Personalities on the Stage

    Eleven students from Concordia’s Contemporary Dance program joined forces this year as Le Collectif de Danse l’Analogie to present RECIPROK, their debut show this week at the Festival St-Ambroise Fringe Montreal.

  • Fringe Picks 2011

    The Plays to See at this Year’s Montreal Fringe Fest

    Last week Theatre a la Sauvage sat thorough the most anticipated viewing of St Amboise’s Fringe for All, a night of theatre teasers.

  • Weekly Spins

    What is it that Scans My Mind

    As the market for video game soundtracks become an increasingly lucrative option for musicians, Maine prog-metal sextet Last Chance to Reason take an opposite approach with their second LP.

  • Theatre a la Sauvage

    Old is New Again

    Journeying to China in 2008 to train in the ancient tradition of Chinese Opera, a group of Concordia theatre students have returned to share the artform with Canadian audiences.

  • I’ll Talk, You’ll Fill that Notebook

    Theatrical Literature and the Internet with The Void’s Jack Allen

    In the face of a changing publishing industry – e-books, blogs and the rise of self-publishing – writing today is not what it was decades ago.

  • Theatre a la Sauvage

    Method or Madness in Ernest and Ernestine

    This year’s Fringe Festival is sneaking up on all of us with great intensification. The excitement is electrifying while watching the St Ambroise Fringe beer tent go up! The buzz this year lands on a duo who take their show down the slippery path of method acting.