Kylie Fox

  • A Trip to the Zoo

    New Montreal Theatre Company Debuts Edward Albee Mash-up Production

    What do you get when you cross an ordinary park bench, a disappearing circumcision and a diabolical murder scheme? Montreal’s new Chocolate Moose Theatre Company is connecting these dots with the debut production of Edward Albee’s “At Home at the Zoo” at Theatre Sainte Catherine.

  • Review: Kafka’s Ape

    In a world where we’re consumed by pointless reality shows and competitive sports, theatres can slap us in the face with our own reality and force us to question it. Guy Sprung’s Kafka’s Ape does just that.

  • Ape Escape

    Infinitheatre Revives ‘Kafka’s Ape’ Production for Second Run

    What does it mean to be human? What is it that makes us any better than our ape relatives? Could it be, perhaps, that we aren’t?