Fringe Arts

  • Look! Someone Drew You

    Local Artist Draws Inspiration from MySpace

    In 2006, Nicole Aline Legault started a project called Look I Drew You, drawing friends and strangers’ MySpace pictures that today form a collection of more than two hundred ink drawings.

  • A Jock for Justice

    A coach of Dave Zirin’s once said: “Sport is like a hammer. You can use a hammer for all kinds of things; you can use it to build a house, or you can use it to bash somebody’s head. Choose wisely.” 

  • Monster Business

    The dark eyes. The jagged dorsal fins. The dark green scales and gigantic tail. The building-shaking roar. All of these features define the world-famous Godzilla.

  • Quick Read


    What if the Internet were to gain sentience? What questions would that raise? Would it result in a ‘Big Brother’ society in which free thought is curtailed? What are the implications for flesh-and-blood consciousness? Can self-awareness truly exist without the chemical makeup of the human brain?

  • Lit writ

    Grandmother, Skawina 2009

    Graffiti says Anti Jude
    on the brick wall of the grocery store.

  • Jon Paul Fiorentino Plays With Words, Feelings

    “Shh,” writes Jon Paul Fiorentino in Indexical Elegies, his new volume of poetry. “There are / poets trying to die.”

  • Cinema Politica is Back at Concordia

    Part of what makes Cinema Politica such an important and essential film series is that it will always take you to a world you’ve never been to before.

  • Accès Asie Showcases Asian Art and Culture

    In a groundbreaking move aimed at changing Canada’s institutionalized conception of arts and culture, Accès Asie, Montreal’s Asian Heritage Festival, is moving to bring Asian-Canadians to the forefront of the arts scene by hosting the first national Asian Heritage Month symposium in Montreal.

  • Experimental Experience

    Local Musician Tamples In New Territory With New Musical Project

    When I spoke to Jon Cohen, he and the rest of the Jon Cohen Experimental, which consists of drummer Sebastian Cote and bass player Ken Martin, were in the misty city of Charlottetown, P.E.I. prepping to play a venue called The Alibi.

  • Prince Rama to Open for Deakin

    There’s rhythm and then there’s rhythm. If you’re the kind of person who knows the difference, Prince Rama may be the band for you.