Alejandra Melian-Morse

  • A Portrait of the Country as a Young Nation

    Artist Aquil Virani sets out to paint ‘Canada’s Self Portrait’

    Not long ago, artist Aquil Virani was deemed “The People’s Artist” by McGill University’s Leacocks Magazine. Although it is quite a grandiose title, it is no doubt earned as Virani has worked ceaselessly to bring art to the people through his many collaborative pieces, leading him to his current project, “Canada’s Self Portrait.”

  • Let’s Parler Religion

    Concordia group brings the only bilingual theatre group to the Montreal Fringe Festival.

    This year’s Montreal Fringe Festival is in full swing and is, as always, full of new and exciting plays from all over the world. Joining them this year is EMUNAH, a theatre piece created collectively by H-Dubbs Productions, an all Concordia theatre group.

  • An Issue of Creativity

    Concordia’s Soliloquies Releases 18th Annual Edition

    As a student-run publication, Concordia journal Soliloquies provides undergraduates with publishing, editing and design experience invaluable for a career in the business.

  • Exploring the Expression of Poetry

    The Mile End Poets’ Festival might give off the image of lines being read through thick rimmed glasses to an audience appreciative of snaps, but don’t let the name fool you.

  • Print Out Sustainability

    The Groucho Fractal Show Brings Environmental and Social Issues to Concordia Through Interactive Art

    The Groucho Fractal performance and workshops are nearly impossible to define. An adequate start might be to define them as an “interactive performance art piece,” but even that doesn’t come close to covering it.

  • Instrumental Emotions

    New Exhibit ‘Swarming Emotional Pianos’ Fuses Emotions, Music and Robots

    Of all the ways an artist can express emotion, cold and calculating robots might not seem like an obvious first choice—but robots playing music, stimulated by pure human biofeedback, is a different story.

  • If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Say It Anyway

    Literary Critics Come Together to Discuss Review Culture

    Literary critics who have crafted their reviews constructively and passionately have arguably made critique an art form in itself. The panel discussion What We Talk About When We Talk About Poetry this week at the Word bookstore aims to debate just that.

  • Planting New Roots In Paint

    ‘Native Immigrant’ Art Exhibit Represents the Power of Displaced People in Canada

    In 1986, Carolina Echeverría left Chile for Canada in search of the opportunity to follow her dream of studying art at Concordia, bringing with her a passion for social justice. But she quickly found it difficult to conform to what it meant to be an artist in Canada.

  • Making Room for the Bassoon

    Indie/opera outfit Sidney York had their beginnings as a long distance collaboration between opera singer Brandy Sidoryk and bassoonist Krista Wadelet, clashing two very different worlds.

  • The Sky’s the Limit

    Skysmith Cinedrones Bring Cinematography to New Heights

    No one can deny that modern technology is reaching unimaginable new heights—but when it comes to film, this statement can be taken literally. Drones have now been introduced to the cinematography scene, and Skysmith Cinedrones is flying them down an artistic path.

  • Digital Trailblazing

    Montreal Arts Centre Explores the Union of Drawing and Digital Media in ‘TrailMix’ Exhibition

    As technology progresses, one might be tempted to wave goodbye to such age-old art forms as drawing or silk screening and label them outdated. But for one arts centre, a different idea emerged: why not just bring them into the 21st century?

  • Making Montreal a ‘Solidarity City’

    Two-Day Conference Rallies for Migrants’ Rights

    Standing in front of a packed conference room on Saturday, Ellen Gabriel admitted that even after over 20 years of advocating for aboriginal rights, she hasn’t seen much change.

  • In Case of Emergency, Break Dance

    Can I Get a Soul Clap International Breakdance Battle to Go Down This Weekend

    Hip-hop is a culture of many layers—art in the form of graffiti, poetry in the form of rap and dance in the form of breaking it down.

  • Sexual Assault Centre Officially Opens at Concordia

    Two-Year-Long Campaign Finally Bears Fruit

    After two years and a thousand-strong petition, Concordia’s highly anticipated Sexual Assault Resource Centre is finally open.

  • Noam Chomsky Breaks Down Neo-Liberalism for Concordia

    Lecture Gives Alternatives to the Current Economic System

    Concordia was host to “the father of modern linguistics” last week.

  • P-6 Concerns Unmasked for Students

    CSU Hosts P-6 Panel Discussing Bylaw’s Implications

    Just before the upcoming municipal elections, the Concordia Student Union turned its attention back to bylaw P-6, this time bringing the conversation to students.

  • Exposing the Psychological Norms Wrought By Rape Culture

    A Review of the Socially Conscious New Play “If We Were Birds”

  • Skanking the Night Away

    Montreal SkaFest Brings Together the Upstroke Community for 5th Year

    Dig up those old Hawaiian shirts and dust off that goofy fedora—Montreal’s premiere ska festival, SkaFest, has hit the city once again.

  • Tragedy Takes Flight

    Imago Theatre Presents Award-Winning Ovid Adaptation, “If We Were Birds”

    Tragedies may be best attributed to the long gone days of Sophocles, Eurpides and Livius Andronicus, but that hasn’t kept Toronto-based playwright Erin Shields from writing her own.

  • Power Powwow

    Black Bear Brings the Drum Circle to POP

    Drum group Black Bear is having a powwow—and you’re invited.