Fringe Arts

  • Cosmic Warriors

    Local Band Golden Isles Release New Album

    With the universe as a meter and these six friends as our rhythmic sense of understanding, we as listeners are invited to be part of local band the Golden Isles’ journey towards a “one and eternal sound.”

  • Feminism, NASA and a Bat Cave

    Endeavour Installation Makes the Case for Women in Space

    Walking into Frances Leeming’s Endeavour installation is a little bit like entering a bat cave.

  • Getaway

    “My nerves aren’t all there right now,” says Sarah, shaking as we walk outside of our highway motel.

  • Look! Someone Drew You

    Local Artist Draws Inspiration from MySpace

    In 2006, Nicole Aline Legault started a project called Look I Drew You, drawing friends and strangers’ MySpace pictures that today form a collection of more than two hundred ink drawings.

  • A Jock for Justice

    A coach of Dave Zirin’s once said: “Sport is like a hammer. You can use a hammer for all kinds of things; you can use it to build a house, or you can use it to bash somebody’s head. Choose wisely.” 

  • Monster Business

    The dark eyes. The jagged dorsal fins. The dark green scales and gigantic tail. The building-shaking roar. All of these features define the world-famous Godzilla.

  • Quick Read


    What if the Internet were to gain sentience? What questions would that raise? Would it result in a ‘Big Brother’ society in which free thought is curtailed? What are the implications for flesh-and-blood consciousness? Can self-awareness truly exist without the chemical makeup of the human brain?

  • Lit writ

    Grandmother, Skawina 2009

    Graffiti says Anti Jude
    on the brick wall of the grocery store.

  • Jon Paul Fiorentino Plays With Words, Feelings

    “Shh,” writes Jon Paul Fiorentino in Indexical Elegies, his new volume of poetry. “There are / poets trying to die.”

  • Cinema Politica is Back at Concordia

    Part of what makes Cinema Politica such an important and essential film series is that it will always take you to a world you’ve never been to before.