Fringe Arts

  • Frame to Frame

    Fantasia’s Highs and Lows

    Amidst the big names like Kevin Smith and Guillermo Del Toro and the usual gore-infested outlandish genre films that pump the adrenaline of Fantasia fans, it’s easy to understand why first time director Filip Tegstedt would feel a little nervous before his debut feature premiered for the very first time to a public audience.

  • A Sea of Stripes

    Pinkarnaval’s Tribute to Jean Paul Gaultier

    Montrealers and tourists alike filled the sidewalks of St. Catherine last Saturday evening in anticipation of the Pinkarnaval parade, a tribute to one of the most creative fashion designers, Jean Paul Gaultier.

  • Fringe Foodie

    A Not-So-Secret Garden

    The café was eclectically decorated and aesthetically interesting. The waiter seemed to have no problem with my friends and me sitting with coffees and laptops discussing work for an hour before ordering anything to eat.

  • Frame to Frame

    The Bizarre and the Beautiful

    Hate him or love him, we’re pretty blessed to have someone like Werner Herzog running across the globe and pointing his camera at the bizarre wonders of our world.

  • To Serve The Song Above All Else

    Maps & Atlases Move in a New Direction

    It’s pretty common that bands known for technical ability will push the limits of their playing with each new release, but Chicago’s Maps & Atlases latest work strives to flex both creative muscles and the ones in their fingers.

  • Fantasia Film Festival: From Indie to Big Ticket

    This Year’s Contenders are Nothing to Shake a Katana at

    From soft-porn romances to action-packed samurai bloodbaths, gruesome black comedies and plain old piss-your-pants horror flicks, Fantasia provides an impeccable range of genre films for even the most unflappable consumer. And your inner indie geek is sure to be satisfied by the dozens of little celluloid gems that have yet to be discovered.

  • It Took Me Years to Write, Will You Take a Look?

    Alex Manley on Hiding Within Your Writing

    A creative writing workshop is usually a writer’s first encounter with a critical audience. It can, at times, be painful to endure (it can feel like a trial, really), but it can also be illuminating because it can be difficult to understand what elements make a short story effective on one’s own.

  • Weekly Spins

    The Sweet, Sweet Wild

    It’s generally true that recording and performing are two distinct processes for musicians, but New Orleans-based one-man-band Quintron proves this isn’t the rule.

  • Frame to Frame

    Spiritual Awakenings

    Walking out of the theater as the end credits rolled for Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life, a slightly dumbfounded man turned to his friend and said, “That’s a movie not really meant for understanding.” And you can’t blame him.

  • I’ll Talk, You’ll Fill That Notebook

    Unpaid Internships and Independent Publishing

    There was a professor at my university who was opposed to internships. I understood his perspective to an extent, but I also pointed out that professors’ research assistants don’t make that much money, and students clock in so many unpaid hours in the hopes of finishing a class with an A.