June Loper

  • Going Digital

    Montreal’s Print Counter Culture Enters the Digital Age

    Expozine is coming back to Montreal for yet another edition of this unique and small press fair, which showcases a plethora of alternative publications from art books and ‘zines to underground comics.

  • Arabian Nights: The Tales of the Anti-Conformist

    Portuguese Director Miguel Gomes Tackles Austerity Politics in a Radical Enchantment

    After leaving a strong mark on contemporary cinema with the internationally acclaimed Tabu (2012), Miguel Gomes strikes again with Arabian Nights, a tale in three volumes: The Restless One, The Desolate One, and The Enchanted One.

  • Si Vous Manifestez, Nous Suggérons:


    #SelfieEnCours Tu vas aux manifs’ contre l’austérité? On veut te voir dans l’action. Tweet un selfie en manif’ avec les tags “#selfieencours” et “@Linknewspaper.” La meilleure photo sélectionnée sera affichée dans le prochain numéro.

  • Challenging Ethnocentric Visions of Orientalism

    Artexte Hosts a Marathon Reading and Workshop on Edward Said

    Stemming from a reflection on notions such as the other, post-colonial theory and the politics of representation, Artexte is convening a marathon reading of key works by famous intellectual Edward Said.

  • Sous la Peau de la Ville: a Reflection on Informal Architecture

    Concordia Alumnus Explores the Special Nature of Urban Construction Sites

    Montreal’s Centre for Sustainability presents the exhibition Sous la peau de la ville by Linda-Marlena Bucholtz Ross, raising a number of questions on our cultural relation with space and what symbolic meaning there is behind different spatial practices.

  • The Organism of Robots

    Multimedia Artists Create Kinetic Installation Exploring Robotics and Ecosystems

    Somewhere between fact and fiction, Eastern Bloc Gallery revisits the theme of robots and drones for the exhibition Robotis Personae. Presenting a binary and complementary perspective by artists Sofian Audry, Samuel St-Aubin, Stephen Kelly and Beatriz Herrera, the gallery examines the paradoxes existing between the machine and the human environment.

  • Get a Room!

    Visual Artist Marie-Eve Martel Uses Poetry and Philosophy to Analyze the Architecture of Spaces and Places of Knowledge

    In a dialogue between architecture, poetry and philosophy, visual artist Marie-Eve Martel presents an immersive installation entitled Transcender l’architecture, depicting the duality of two architectural environments—Thoreau’s cabin in the woods and Yale University’s Beinecke Library in New Haven.

  • Of Oil Spills and Oil Paints

    Whalebone Collective Uses Guerilla Art to Raise Awareness of Energy East Pipeline

    Lines of string resembling clothing lines held together monoprints and drawings from hundreds of students responding to the question, “What does Energy East Pipeline mean to you?”

  • Changing the Conventions of Techno

    New Music Collective “Human Pause” Promotes Avant-Garde Experimental Electro

    The new electro-art platform Human Pause is throwing its official launch party on Oct. 24, marking its debut in the Montreal music scene.

  • Poetry That Has Punch

    Concordia Alum Greg Santos Challenges Poetic Traditions in Latest Published Collection

    Montreal-based poet and former Concordia student Greg Santos is releasing his second collection of poems, Rabbit Punch, challenging the conventions of poetry with a humorous twist.

  • Montreal Artist Collective Centres Exhibit Around Botanical Imagery

    Exploring the floral theme, curatorial platform Collectif Blanc is presenting its third pop-up exhibition bringing together artists, editors and designers from all around the world to exchange and meet the Montreal public.

  • The Illusion of Life

    Reality and truth are questioned in Alejandro Jodorowsky’s latest film

    After a 23-year hiatus, Alejandro Jodorowsky has made a comeback to film with Dance of Reality, a surrealist masterpiece acting as a poignant personal and spiritual memoir with a subtle touch of political satire.

  • Art Matters to Nuit Blanche

    Although Concordia’s student-run art festival, Art Matters, doesn’t kick off until March 7, there was a brief appetizer at this year’s Nuit Blanche.

  • Five-Point-Palm Exploding Art Technique

    New Art Exhibit ‘Hybrid Bodies’ Examines the Psycho-Social Effects of Heart Transplantation

    No organ in the human body is as coveted as the heart.

  • What Does a Scanner See?

    Japanese Artist Explores Self-Portraits at “Mois de la Photo” Exhibition Centred on Drones

    Our highly automated modern lifestyles allow for a higher quality of life—but at what price? This year’s “Mois de la photo” exhibition hopes to tackle the subject in its 13th edition, with the theme Drone: The Automated Image.