Fringe Arts

  • Cinema Politica Doc Explores The Neoliberal World Order, At Its Core

    How does money grow? Who does it benefit and who does it affect? Let’s Make Money, Cinema Politica’s next revelation, explores this question in documentary form.

  • Art and ‘Craft

    Introducing the Concordia StarCraft Community

    Twenty guys are lounging on couches in a dimly lit room, watching a match being replayed on a big screen at the front of the room.

  • Lean Mean Zine Machine

    Montreal’s Small Press Distribution Solution Celebrates 10 Years

    Nothing says commodification quite like a vending machine, and nothing except maybe escalators typifies our culture’s sense of leisure and lack of patience.

  • Lit Writ: Chinatown

    I want to walk around chinatown at dusk

    and see the lanterns and go into a tea house,

  • Holyoak’s Holocene

    Artist Wants You to Think About Extinction

    Jim Holyoak is building a visual forest in the York Corridor vitrine of the FOFA gallery at Concordia’s EV building.

  • How To Bare Your Soul

    How To Dress Well Combines Pop Music with Public Mourning

    In part because of accolades from a certain three-pronged hype machine, Tom Krell’s solo-project known as How To Dress Well has enjoyed a growing international audience for the better part of a year now.

  • Re-Rewind

    Found Footage Festival Commemorates Rediscovered Classics

    Creating a canon of VHS excellence for rediscovered classics like, Enjoying Lovemaking Through Hypnosis, Ventriloquism For Fun & Profit or Rent-a-Friend, the Found Footage Festival—screening in Montreal Feb.

  • Spin on Spins

    On Jan. 14, Trish Keenan, lead singer of Broadcast, passed away of pneumonia.

  • You’ve Got Another Drink Coming

    Montreal has a reputation for being the home of drunken writers, and a place where literary events seem to perpetually cohabitate with the local bars.

  • Lit Writ


    Night exists
    for the pin of a cat’s eye.