Fringe Arts

  • Shake What Yo Mama Gave Ya

    POP Montreal Welcomes Dance Workshops to the Festival

    Get ready to bust a move.

  • The Motorcycle Diaries

    Ask an American and they’ll tell you that Canada is a country filled with overly polite hockey players and hasn’t experienced a crime more serious than jay-walking in a dog’s age.

  • Palimpsest Plans POP Printings

    Mag Makes Mature Media Medium Modern

    During this week, of all weeks, it is easy to get caught up in The Link’s POP Montreal insert.

  • Lit Writ

    King of that Nothingness

    The city lights fade in the background as you enter a bad part of town

  • Dungeons & DeLoreans

    Tad Williams Brings the Fantasy and the Sci-Fi to Con*Cept

    The only consistent element in author Tad Williams’ life has been change.

  • Shop ‘til You Drop at Vintage POP

    Montreal’s favourite festival, POP Montreal, is just around the corner. The festival is in its ninth year and has, over the years, distinguised itself as much more than a music festival

  • Lost and Found

    Local Songstress to Release New Album

    Erin Lang has a unique presence. She is unmistakably an artist. Her music is the aural epitome of softness. She sings in a hushed, girlish whisper, backed by well-paced melodies.

  • The Sixty Fourth Parallel

    Five Girlfriends Fill The VAV With Souvenirs

    How do you remember summer? How do you access memories that are vivid yet distant in your mind? How do you position yourself in the present moment, with so many moments behind you?

  • Cosmic Warriors

    Local Band Golden Isles Release New Album

    With the universe as a meter and these six friends as our rhythmic sense of understanding, we as listeners are invited to be part of local band the Golden Isles’ journey towards a “one and eternal sound.”

  • Feminism, NASA and a Bat Cave

    Endeavour Installation Makes the Case for Women in Space

    Walking into Frances Leeming’s Endeavour installation is a little bit like entering a bat cave.