Shaun Michaud

  • Fringe Arts

    The Danger Girls of Skateboarding

    A little over two years ago, Rezko, a human relations student at Concordia, helped found Get Born, a non-profit online magazine dedicated to supporting the skateboarding culture in Montreal and Chicago. She persuaded co-founders Christerson and Liv Seidel—a green-hair-don’t-care idol—to make their mark documenting a lifestyle dominated by men.

  • Hacking The Patriarchy

    The Pyladies are an international membership group formed to help women learn Python, a programming language, in a safe, friendly environment. While men are still welcome, the group enables ladies to network without having to deal with the usual trappings of patriarchy.

  • UFC 186 Workout

    H2O MMA instructor Richard Ho trains with fighter Olivier Aubin-Mercier at the UFC 186 press conference at the Bell Centre in Montreal, on Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015.

  • News

    Self-Love Conquers All

    For the third straight year, the co-op Café L’Artère hosted the Self-Love Cabaret: l’amour se conjugue à la première personne, a show designed to challenge the consumerist auspices of Valentine’s Day.

  • Red Belly Dancer

    This year’s Self-Love Cabaret featured Nada Khashaba, a belly dancer whose moves under the red lights held a packed audience captive at Café L’Artère on Valentine’s Day.

  • Opinions


    People don’t enjoy victuals anymore. They only eat to nourish their empty stomachs. Nobody makes time to get a second helping. I often dream of days past, when people would have those communal Friday food orgies. Gastric satisfaction has never been the same since.

  • Sports

    The Pope of Peace Park

    “Boots” sits as if he has just realized the full weight of his decade-long labour of love. He won’t even crack a smile. I cannot fathom how such a curmudgeonly man could be so admired.

  • Special Issue

    Will Androids Dream of Killing Electric Sheep?

    As we inch closer to elucidating the mystery of artificial intelligence—the Holy Grail of robotics—and accelerating the clock on technological singularity, scientists and laymen alike have warned that birthing the ghost in the shell could spell tentative doom for humankind.

  • Vigil for the Polytechnique shooting

    Last Saturday, a vigil was held on top of Mount Royal in homage of the victims of the Polytechnique Shooting.

  • Special Issue

    OK Computer Riot

    Concordia University, which took its name from Montreal’s motto of “well-being through harmony”, was once the site of flagrant strife. From the way the university’s administration treats its own history, a more accurate inspiration would be “well-being through sticking your head in the sand.”

  • News

    Hunger Strike on the Mezz

    Biology student Aneil Prasad fasted for 72 hours in the Hall Building to protest Concordia University’s investments in fossil fuel.

  • Opinions


    It started with a murmur—students speaking in hushed tones in the hallways, talking about a revolution.

  • Fringe Arts

    Dance Theatre Fusion

    Choreographer Fabien Prioville’s new performance art piece h3. Reverse_Me will take-over the Montreal location of the German non-profit Goethe-Institut this week.

  • ATCR Electrifies CSU Orientation Concert

    A Tribe Called Red rocked the Corona Theatre at the Concordia Student Union’s annual orientation concert Friday.

  • Sports

    The Link Meets Coach Donovan

    We met with new coach Mickey Donovan to discuss his plans for the football team and what it takes to be a Stinger.

  • Sports

    Ultimate Royalty

    Hold on to your hats! Montreal has a new professional team in ultimate frisbee.

  • Opinions

    The Thought Police Strikes Concordia

    The most striking element about a disqualification is the finality of it.

  • CASA Cares 11th Annual Fashion Show Raises Funds for a Cause

    With the help of their runway models, CASA Cares’ 11th Annual Fashion Show, benefiting the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, shattered the $100,000 mark on Thursday night.