Moodle is Brutal

Graphic Caity Hall

It started with a murmur—students speaking in hushed tones in the hallways, talking about a revolution.

Rumour had it there was finally an upgrade. But alas, as you logged in to Moodle this morning, the same old interface mocked you with its snail-like speed, its outdated graphics and its predictable unreliability.

Moodle is the antithesis of artificial intelligence, a throwback to 1997, a troglodyte prancing on Times Square. You found it hilarious the first time you used it. But that was before you had to submit work through the lagging Neanderthal. Now it’s crushing your dreams of a decent GPA. Like a dumbed down version of Skynet, it has chewed bits and pieces of your academic career.

Profs are forced to use it in teaching their courses since there is no other option—the university has refused to put Moodle to pasture. So, teachers keep imposing the wretched software, muttering the tired old mantra “an upgrade is coming this year, it’ll get better, you’ll see.” All are hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

Now, students have become more vocal about this situation. Moodle has got to go, no doubt. We have a computer science department in this school. Why not trust it with creating something user-friendly? I’m not advocating patching up the roof. I’m calling for the digital revolution that we deserve.

Slay the dragon. Or at least euthanize it.