Hunger Strike on the Mezz

Aneil Prasad Fasts for 72 Hours in Protest Supporting Divestment

A student hungers to strike back at Concordia University’s investments in fossil fuel.

Aneil Prasad, a biology student and member of Divest Concordia, fasted for 72 hours straight on the mezzanine of the Hall Building.

Concordia’s multimillion-dollar investments in the oil industry run in sharp opposition to many student groups’ ideologies, including that of the Concordia Student Union. Climate change being a major issue, Prasad decided to take matters into his own hands and let students know how the university’s endowment fund is being invested.

“A lot of students didn’t know we were investing in fossil fuel, and when I told them, they were upset,” said Prasad.

Hoping to put an end to these investments, he started a petition in the form of a log, which people could sign as witnesses of his endeavour.

His actions garnered the attention of Concordia officials, including Dean of Students Andrew Woodall and Concordia president Alan Shepard, who, according to a source close to Prasad, was none too pleased with his fasting, calling it “coercive.”

Thursday afternoon, Prasad put an end to his hunger strike.

Video by Shaun Michaud