The Link Meets Coach Donovan

The Stingers have got a new head coach and he sat down with The Link to let us know where he hopes to lead the team this season.

The Link reporter Yacine Bouhali met with the new head coach of the Stingers football team Mickey Donovan to discuss his views on the game and what it takes to be a Stinger. Donovan reminisced on his playing days at Concordia and how he and his brother Patrick—first-year assistant coach as well as alumni—intend to bring glory back to the team.

The road ahead is a steep climb, though, considering that the Stingers haven’t won a single game in two years. But, according to the coach, after a gruelling training camp, the players should be pumped and ready, and he “isn’t losing any sleep over it.” The Stingers are playing their first game at 1 p.m. this Saturday against the Bishop’s Gaiters at Concordia Stadium.

Video by Yacine Bouhali, Brandon Johnston and Shaun Michaud.