Don’t Tell Your Mom

This is probably very dangerous

Think back to when you were 14, and to that little voice in your head that said, “Don’t worry, man. You can totally jump that.” Now imagine that voice grew up, saved some cash and went pro.

The Red Bull Mini Drome, a 13-metre-long circular track with steeply sloped, death- and gravity-defying sides, looks like the kind of stunt that voice would come up with after about six too many Jäger Bombs.

More than 80 cyclists riding fixed-gear bikes strapped on helmets and signed waivers before racing around the Mini Drome at speeds of up to 60 km/h on Friday.

During the first stage, riders competed to finish 10 laps in the shortest time. The top competitors advanced to the finals, which pitted two cyclists against each other until one passed the other. Wildly fast gladitorial pursuits and gnarly crashes ensued. Boo ya.

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