Megan Dolski

  • Yet Another ConU Space Case

    Admin Purchases Upper Floors of the Faubourg

    Despite being turned down as a location for a student centre by students not once but twice, the Faubourg is back on the books for Concordia.

  • Reforming a Fallen FASA

    Shorthanded Executive Awaits Much-Needed Byelection

    With byelections approaching, the Fine Arts Student Alliance is ready for take two.

  • Photo of the Week

    The Nike Color Run Montreal saw participants of all ages and sizes run, walk or jog for five km last weekend around Ile Notre-Dame to raise money for the Montreal Canadiens Children’s…

  • CSU Rekindles Concordia Student Centre Discussion

    The ghosts of two failed student centres, a questionable contract with the administration, a fought-over fee levy and an elusive money trail haunt the highly contentious issue of student space at Concordia.

  • Closer Than You Think

    Organization Pushes for Provincial Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking in Quebec

    After “servicing” up to 20 men a day, a girl is forced to hand over the thousand-plus dollars she’s just made to her trafficker. She does this six to seven days a week and is psychologically beaten and broken because of it.

  • Closed File?

    OpenFile Goes On Hiatus Amid Questions

    While Canadian “community-powered news” source OpenFile has temporarily closed its doors, it has been criticized for simultaneously shutting off the lights.

  • Hacks Meet Hackers

    Programmers and Journalists Redefine the News

    Gone are the days when a news reporter was able to effectively work equipped with nothing more than decent writing chops, a notepad and an astute set of eyes and ears.

  • Who Owns The Web

    For something that we all use, all the time, the Internet is a phenomenon that most of us are pretty ignorant about.

  • Deconstructing the Document

    Last spring, Concordia decided to do an external audit of the human resource processes related to its senior management following a slew of departures, resignations and costly buyouts over the past few years at the university.

  • Talkin’ ‘Bout Our Reputation

    BoG Concerned With Concordia’s Brand After Homestay Allegations

    An article published in The Link on Sept. 25 concerning Peter Low, Concordia’s recruitment agent for Chinese students, and the sub-standard living conditions faced by Concordia students living in homestays raised many questions at last Friday’s Board of Governors meeting.

  • The Characters, Costs and Corruption of Con U’s Administrative Past

    Questionable and contentious governance is neither a recent nor inexpensive phenomenon here at Concordia.

  • Creatively Depicting the Creative Process

    Director Discusses Making of Andrew Bird: Fever Year

    Think about the hardest year in your life, professionally, physically and personally. Think about what it would be like if someone made a movie about that year.

  • Nah’msayin?

    In All Pizza Seriousness

    A slice of pizza is not a hard thing to eat. I mean, yeah, it can be a little flimsy at the end, and occasionally the cheese has separation issues and clings to the crust—but overall I think we can agree that consuming a slice is not a difficult task, one that can even be done with relative grace and enjoyment while incredibly intoxicated.

  • Doing the Debate Dutch

    A Perspective on Local Language Issues—From Abroad

    When you arrive in Quebec as an immigrant, or just happen to be an Anglophone living in the province, the message is pretty clear: do yourself a favour and figure out how to parlez-vous Français—ASAP.

  • Bikers Beware

    CSU Legal Clinic Wants You To Know Your Rights on the Road

    Concordia Student Union Legal Clinic volunteers donned clown-cop attire while patrolling the streets around Concordia this Wednesday, making sure cyclists followed the laws outlined in the Quebec Highway Safety Code.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Someone Call the Concert Cops

    I love live music, the whole experience of it. The people you meet at concerts are usually pretty stellar human beings as well. But without fail there are always a few Buzz Killingtons that manage to sneak into every show and put a damper on things.

  • The Holy Grail

    Broken sentences, long pauses, rambling responses, and a slew of different answers are probably all you’ll get if you ask a bunch of journalists what they think about objectivity. While their thoughts on the subject may be initially inarticulate and rather jumbled, journalists have lots to say about the term that has been ingrained in their brains since their first days of J-school.

  • Media Democracy

    Getting Past the Gatekeepers

    When we were brainstorming ideas for this issue, one word kept coming up: access. It’s simple, really. Journalists require access to information so we can do our jobs properly. Members of the media need to access documents and sources in order to make our discoveries and analyses available to the public.

  • Blacking Out Freedom

    Websites Protest American Anti-Piracy Legislation

    Cyberspace was censored last week.

  • Movement That Matters

    ENSEMBLE Takes Women’s Issues On-Stage

    A dancer’s body is an incredibly powerful mechanism.