Megan Dolski

  • #J11: First Nations Movement Goes Global

    As Harper Meets with AFN, Worldwide Day of Action Planned

    Tomorrow might be a pivotal day for the grassroots indigenous peoples movement growing across Canada and internationally.

  • Nah’msayin?

    This Is Just Not Working Out

    Shaun T., I despise you. Jillian Michaels, I don’t like you either.

  • Missing Information Slows CUTV’s Provisional BoD

    Board Looking to Address Several Outstanding Issues

    CUTV’s newly elected provisional Board of Directors is rushing to compile…

  • CUTV Comes Out of GA With Board, Bylaws

    Station Still Shaky, But Assembly Gives Some Hope

    Roughly 40 people gathered on the seventh floor of the Hall Building last Saturday in an attempt to “legalize the shit out of CUTV.”

  • CSU Fills Out Councillor Roster

    Students Elect Nine New Reps in Byelections

    The results of the Concordia Student Union byelections—held from Nov. 27 to Nov. 29—are in, and will see nine new faces sitting at the table during the CSU’s next regular meeting, scheduled to take place on Dec. 12.

  • Speak Up for Your Space

    CSU and MHPM Teaming Up to Assess Students’ Needs

    On the heels of signing a $97,500 contract, the Concordia Student Union is actively working alongside project management firm MHPM to determine what students want and need in terms of space at this university.

  • CSU Council Appoints New VP, Senator

    The Concordia Student Union was able to blaze through its 10-point agenda in under three hours on Wednesday night.

  • JB Issues Decision Regarding Electoral Infractions

    VP Academic & Advocacy Position No Longer Up for Grabs

    Due to violations of proper procedure, the ballots provided to students at this week’s Concordia Student Union bylections, taking place from Nov. 27 to Nov. 29, will be missing one executive seat.

  • CSU Byelections, a Bust?

    Legitimacy of Polls to Be Determined by Judicial Board

    The Concordia Student Union is set to hold byelections beginning a week from today—but a procedural slip-up in announcing open positions could mean the results will not be legally binding.

  • Maintaining the Mountain

    Local Association Addresses Mount Royal’s Future

    Surrounded by Montreal’s rapidly growing urban core, increasingly buried by its skyscrapers, governed by repeatedly shifting managerial mechanisms and covered by soon-to-be vacant institutions…

  • “We Need to Get Paid”

    Freelance Journalists Publish Letter to OpenFile CEO

    Late Sunday night, an open letter addressed to OpenFile Chief Executive Officer Wilf Dinnick was published online by a group of Montreal-based freelance journalists. The message was simple: pay us, please.

  • An Educational Exchange

    Diologic Sessions Want to Get You Thinking,Talking

    With a major education summit looming and a newly elected provincial government in control, Concordia religious studies professor Dr. Norman Cornett says it’s nice everybody needs to get involved…

  • Funding Your International Experience

    How You, Too, Can Travel Abroad Next Year—On the Cheap

    You sustain yourself on a diet of ramen noodles and walk around your house decked out in full-on winter gear to keep your heating bill low—how the hell are you supposed to fund a flight to a different continent and sustain yourself there, while still going to school? Impossible, right? Maybe not.

  • Why We Need To Rethink Journalism and Education

    I’m four years in and only six credits away from getting a degree specializing in both print and broadcast journalism.

  • Snippets From Senate

    On Nov. 2 the Senate, Concordia’s highest academic body, met for their regular monthly meeting.

  • I.T.’s a Big Problem

    Technology Headaches Worsening for Student Union, Staff

    Issues with technology currently plaguing the Concordia Student Union and its staff have escalated from being an annoying headache to a debilitating impairment.

  • The Winning Bid

    After being presented with several proposals, Concordia’s Student Union unanimously approved the project-planning proposal presented to them by project management firm MHPM at last Wednesday’s council meeting—conditional to its lawyers’ approval of the document.

  • Once Upon a Student Centre

    After years of student space issues wrought with contention and financial ambiguity, the Concordia Student Union executive says they are doing what should have done ten years ago—some research, a student-wide consultation and some proper planning.

  • Vacant VP Position Opens Up

    Following the recent resignation of Lucia Gallardo, the position of VP Academic and Advocacy is vacant, and will be up for grabs in the upcoming Concordia Student Union byelections.

  • Hidden Agendas

    Falling behind on your studies? Double-booking coffee dates? Don’t worry. There’s a massive pile of agendas sitting unused and untouched on the seventh floor of the Hall Building.