Megan Dolski

  • Volunteering Abroad Just Got Easier

    CSU Introduces Two New Bursaries

    Starting next year, the Concordia Student Union will be awarding two students with bursaries for their volunteer work.

  • JSA Folds

    Association Disappears Due to Lack of Interest

    The Journalism Student Association may cease to exist next year. Only one person ran in
    this year’s election, which wasn’t enough to meet the association’s necessary requirements to form.

  • First Post

    My Very First Poster Night Experience

    During last year’s Concordia Student Union elections I was (bows head in shame) your standard politically apathetic and totally uninvolved student.

  • Sustain Yourself, In The City

    Living Downtown Is No Reason Not To Do-It-Yourself

    Are you smarter than an Australian brush-turkey?

  • Hey Ho! We Don’t Know?

    Motives Behind Protest At The Link Unclear

    Most reporters at The Link are used to covering protests, but some of the newspaper’s staff members found themselves to be the target of one upon stepping outside the office yesterday afternoon.

  • Busk a Move

    Getting a Gig in Montreal’s Most Populous Venue: The Metro

    Echoes of Johann Sebastian Bach resound through the basement walls of the Saint-Jean-Berchmans church on Cartier Street in Rosemont.

  • Banking On Cavities

    Teeth Cleaning Turned Cash-Grab

    I hate going to the dentist. Even if its just for a simple cleaning. The poking, the prodding, the little water spritzer and its air sucking partner-in-crime—I just think the whole experience is awful. I recently had my teeth cleaned in Arizona over reading week.

  • Hive Launch Delayed

    Student Run Café Expected to Open in Summer or Fall

    The Concordia Student Union’s plans to open a student run café at Loyola’s The Hive this month have encountered a few minor obstacles, delaying the project’s opening until later this year.

  • Bill 94 Unveiled

    Much debate, controversy and discussion surrounded the tabling of Bill 94.

  • ‘A Lot to Do, and Little Time’

    Haiti Non-African Nation Most Affected by HIV/AIDS

    One year after a massive earthquake ravaged Haiti, the country is in the midst of battling an ongoing outbreak of cholera and struggling with political unrest.

  • Queen Mary Road Businesses Fight Eviction, Gentrification

    An eviction notice is prominently on display atop the bar in Rodos restaurant.

  • Textbooks’ Price Might Drop

    The price of textbooks could drop by 10 to 15 per cent overnight.
    This isn’t a scam, or a Black Friday special. A national student group is calling on the government to stop allowing distributors to add taxes to the textbooks they import.

  • ‘A Giant Islamaphobic Seizure’

    University of Berkeley professor Wendy Brown did not fly all the way from California to speak to Montrealers about a piece of cloth.
    She also had no intention of discussing how the West appears to be in the midst of having a giant Islamophobic seizure. Nor the way in which, considering all the things that are happening in the world, it seems remarkable to her that we are so preoccupied with women’s clothing.

  • ‘Building a Socialist Party in Quebec’

    Joel Bergman Speaks Out Against the Province’s Economic System

    Students and workers are paying for the mistakes of multinational corporations, said Joel Bergman, a member of upstart political party Quebec Solidaire and the International Marxist Tendency.

  • Shake What Yo Mama Gave Ya

    POP Montreal Welcomes Dance Workshops to the Festival

    Get ready to bust a move.