New CSU Gets Down to Business

Packed Agenda Stretches First Council Meeting Past 10 Hours

Council meetings running until the early morning is nothing new at the CSU.

Last year’s meetings routinely went well past midnight and were often criticized for their lack of structure and efficiency.

In keeping with tradition, Wednesday’s council meeting lasted over 10 hours—running until almost 5:00 a.m.—but unlike similarly lengthy yet unproductive meetings of last year’s team, the new CSU managed to get through over 30 agenda points, only tabling two to be discussed at a future date.

A new Chair was elected, various positions on multiple committees were filled, Senate appointments were made and the budget for the 2013-14 year was approved.

After interviewing candidates in closed session, Shannon Keymaram was selected as CSU Chair. Jessica Galvina, Melissa Lemieux, Cameron Tishaw, and Terry Wilkings will sit on Senate, joined by council reps Yasmeen Zahar and Wendy Krauss-Heitmann.

CSU President Melissa Kate Wheeler will be the student representative on Concordia’s Board of Governors, with Melanie Hotchkiss as alternate.

One notable policy regarding councillor attendance was changed: a motion to include rules on absences in the CSU’s standing regulations made by councillor Chuck Wilson.

With this motion, an absence will be recorded if a councillor or executive misses 60 minutes of a meeting. In order for an excused absence to be approved, it must be accompanied by supporting documents such as proof of final or midterm exam.

Absences will not be excused due to vacations, non-examination academic events or other personal commitments. Under the current CSU bylaws, a councilor who misses three regular meetings is deemed to have resigned. Members of the executive are currently docked $100 from their salary per absence.

These changes will be in effect by next council meeting.