Hilary Sinclair

  • Now We’re Talking

    President Lowy Speaks to Students After Hallway Occupation

    Concordia’s Interim President Frederick Lowy opened up an impromptu dialogue with students for the first time Monday, discussing tuition hikes and the university’s hard stance on dissenting action. Following an occupation…

  • La Grande Mascarade

    1,500 In Bright Colours Against Tuition Hikes

    The most violent thing about today’s “La Grande Mascarade” protest against rising tuition was some intense glitter bombing.

  • CSU SGM Fails to Meet Quorum

    The latest Concordia Student Union Special General Meeting was a forum with no quorum on a frigid Reggie’s terrace March 26.

  • Media Trolling

    “Christina Moto” Endorses Strike

    A fake email detailing Concordia University’s support of accessible education in Quebec is popping up in the inboxes of Montreal media.

  • Tuition Hikes Remain in Budget

    Quebec Government Firm on Fee Increase

    The tuition hikes passed in the 2011-2012 budget will stand.

  • Editorial

    Guilty by Association?

    There were a lot of fast facts and assumptions flying around last Thursday’s Anti-Police Brutality March among the pops of concussion grenades and clouds of pepper spray, but the worst among them was that the student movement against tuition hikes was somehow responsible for the mindless destruction of our city.

  • Concordia Kicks Off Strike

    Students March for Accessible Education

    The Concordia Student Union kicked off it’s strike mandate today leading over 300 protesters on a march through downtown Montreal.

  • Highlights From Council

    Personal Feuds and Minimum Agreement Dominate CSU Council Discussion

    The Concordia Student Union council meeting March 14 were five hours of political power. Here are the highlights.

  • Signatures of Support

    2110 Rally for Sexual Assault Centre

    A group from the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy rallied from the top to the bottom of the Hall Building March 5 to raise awareness, gain support and solicit signatures for a sexual assault centre on campus.

  • Red Red Whine

    Online GA Gripes are Misguided

    There has been a lot of griping and confusion lately about how “undemocratic” General Assemblies being held by the Concordia Student Union and other student associations are.


    Election Do-Over After CEO Resignation

    The unexpected resignation of Arts and Sciences Federation of Associations Chief Electoral Officer Chris Webster and other polling irregularities have led to the postponing of the ASFA general election until the first week of March.

  • Panda-ing to the Masses

    Expensive Empty Gestures on Harper’s Eastern Tour

    There’s nothing like a cute, chubby panda pup tumbling about in lush bamboo to make you forget the ethical issues in friendly relations with China

  • Attack the Block

    Block Party Explores How Consumer Choices Shape Communities

    The Block Party exhibit at Art Matters is exactly what it sounds like.

  • Presidential Platforms

    What we have here is a failure to communicate—at least that’s the theory put forth by both Caroline Bourbonnière and Charlie Brenchley.

  • Old Age Insecurity

    Canada’s 20-Somethings vs. the Looming Retirement Crisis

    In 1959, Canada welcomed 461,703 little bundles of joy into the world. This was our country’s biggest baby boom and, given declining birth rates, will probably hold down its place in the record books until the end of time.

  • How Sustainable Is Concordia?

    An institution that spends upwards of  $450 million annually can have a huge impact on the future of sustainability, depending on how it chooses to spend its money.

  • Building an Empire

    Toronto Band Young Empires Aims for Perfection

    While Young Empires don’t share the same type of world-domination goals as Napoleon, they do have their eyes set on expansionism.

  • Highlights from the CSU Council Meeting

    Petition Against Gill and Filming the BoG Among Points Discussed

    A petition and website launched by Tomer Shavit in an effort to impeach Concordia Student Union President Lex Gill was dismissed out of hand by councillors and executives as “unnecessary and a waste of time.”

  • The Zombie Apocalypse is Really Not That Far-Fetched

    ...And the Airlines Won’t Care

    The scene at the annual Canadian University Press national conference, NASH 74, played out like a clichéd zombie flick, dirtying bathrooms and Twitter alike in Victoria this past weekend.

  • Internet Access Is a Human Right

    JHR Column

    Using the Internet is not the same as riding a horse.