Hilary Sinclair

  • Big Brother Is Stalking Your Profile

    Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Problem of Control

    There’s no online hassle more annoying these days as a Facebook redesign.

  • Get to Know Your Council Candidates

    Students, meet your hopeful future politicos.

  • Weapons and Words

    When we were kids, it wasn’t uncommon for our parents to tell us to use our words, not our fists. The idea was that physical violence was more hurtful than verbal confrontation. In Might Makes Right: News Reportage as Discursive Weapons in the War in Iraq, however, Concordia journalism professor Mike Gasher …

  • Frame to Frame

    Shining a Light On Romanian Cinema

    The opening scene of The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu begins with a blurry scene of the Romanian dictator denying charges of ordering a genocide.

  • Censoring a Conversation

    Pope Pulls Controversial Ad Campaign

    Imagine Pope Benedict XVI locking lips with an imam. That arousing mental image got real last week. It appeared on billboards and hung from bridges in Rome, Paris, Tel Aviv, New York and Milan on Wednesday, courtesy of clothing company United Colors of Benetton’s newest ad campaign. The Vatican, in typical Vatican fashion, got offended.

  • No Olive Branch for Amnesty International Concordia

    Surprise Security Costs Prompt Petition

    Two days before Amnesty International Concordia was set to hold an event at the DB Clark Theatre in the Hall Building, they were told that they would have to pay an extra $120 for security guards at the event.

  • Breaking Down the Budget

    How the Government Plans to Spend Our “Fair Share”

    There are a lot of numbers flying around when it comes to the debate about tuition fees in Quebec right now—numbers like $1,625 and $325 and $850 million.

  • ASFA, GSA to Strike on Nov. 10

    Thousands of ConU Students Expected in the Streets

    Two student associations, representing over 27,000 students, have been mandated to strike on Nov. 10, the day of action against tuition increases.

  • ASFail

    Despite being called a joint information meeting to inform students about tuition hikes, the Arts and Science Federation of Associations and the Concordia Student Union failed to educate more than a handful of students.