Fanny Arnaud

  • Less Sport and More Songs

    Montreal’s French Improv League, La LIM, is on Weekly and Always Evolving

    From the beginning to the end this show is pure improvisation while the audience is drinking and eating in a crowded Art Deco room.

  • Making it Happen Part 1: Print

    Two-Part Series on Artists Breaking Into Their Industries

    We look at the path to building a magazine and getting published in the first part of Making it Happen.

  • Don’t Need Your Compassion

    Fame Finds Band of Congolese Polio Survivors

    The members of Staff Benda Bilili are disabled polio victims, most of them paraplegic. They used to live and play around the grounds of the zoo in Kinshasa, Congo. Their guitars are made of tin cans.

  • Building a Fanbase From the Ground Up

    Independant Artist Dub FX Gives Free Live Performances Before Montreal Show

    In anticipation of street performer Dub FX’s show at Telus Theatre this weekend, Montrealers got a teaser performance on the terrace of ChuChai Wednesday afternoon.

  • Who Framed The Food Truck?

    Montreal Readying To Embrace Street Food

    The law prohibiting food trucks in Montreal was implemented in 1947 on the grounds of public health and hygiene has not been changed since.

  • Your Guide to FRINGE Fest

    Reviewing what the Montreal Fringe has to Offer

    The 22nd St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival has hosted one-off shows and events throughout the month and is now in full swing. Dance, music, comedy and theatre might be the building blocks of the fest, but the never-ending party is the glue.